Rescuers searching for missing tourist in Chiang Mai find broken helmet

Photo by Sanook, edited.

Rescuers searching for a missing tourist in Chiang Mai have found a broken helmet and a lifejacket about two kilometres away from where the tourist fell into a river. The man, 30 year old Nicolas Hinckxt, fell off a rubber dinghy while rafting with two of his friends in the Mae Taeng River yesterday. Rescuers have been on the lookout for him since then.

The dinghy that Hinckxt was on had crashed into a rock formation amidst strong currents and heavy rain, causing him to fall off. Hinckxt was still floating in the water with his lifejacket on, but he did not swim towards the dinghy. The tour guide threw a rope towards Hinckxt, but he did not grab it, and soon afterward he disappeared in the rough waters.

A team including Chiang Mai’s Region 5 Police, along with rescuers from local organisations, searched for Hinckxt late into the night. They eventually had to call off the search due to the rain, as they feared possible flash floods. But the search was set to continue today.

Rescuers from Kusolsongkhor Chiang Mai Charity Rescue Organisation, as well as a diving team, are helping the police search for Hinckxt. Local officials and villagers are also involved.

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Hinckxt and his two friends had been picked up for the rafting trip yesterday morning from the Sirinual Villa Nimman Hotel.

SOURCE: Sanook

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