Miracle numbers appear at Chiang Mai temple during candlelit ceremony

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A Thai temple in Chiang Mai has revealed lottery numbers after a candlelit blessing ceremony. The numbers in the temple’s sacred water were previously linked to a million-baht winning ticket. The temple continues to host such ceremonies and supports around 30 monks.

On May 28, a candlelit blessing ceremony was held at the San Ma Kiang Temple, Chiang Mai Province, by the head monk, Sakchai Wongla, which usually occurs on the last Sunday of every month. During the ceremony, the sacred “Ai Khai” statue was worshipped, and candles were lit on the temple’s enchanted water. This time, the enchanted water revealed several distinct numbers: 6, 9, 5, 4, and 1.

Before this event, one student of the temple had already won the first prize lottery back on April 1, 2022, taking home 6 million baht. Moreover, a local vendor who sells lottery tickets at the sample temple, San Ma Kiang Temple, has won several consecutive prizes. The temple is home to approximately 30 monks who are provided with education and involved in projects such as vegetable farming, and raising ducks and hens for food. As the temple experiences high monthly electricity and water costs, individuals are encouraged to share the merit of donating according to their faith.

Temples have always been a popular place for Thais to glean lottery numbers. Recently, many visitors were seen at the esteemed Arsom Ruesi Thep site in Ayutthaya province, Thailand. The crowd, consisting of hopeful individuals, paid homage to the sacred Ruesi statue in search of good fortune and blessings. They were particularly drawn to the charity pavilion, where many gathered in the days leading up to the lottery draw.

As these visitors looked closely, they noticed an intriguing pattern of numbers formed by the reflection of candlelight on the enchanted water basin in front of the statue. The numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 were visible, while another group of numbers, 321 and 406, appeared clustered together. Many people captured photos from various angles, hoping to use these numbers as they tried their luck in the upcoming lottery.

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