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Chiang Mai hostel & guesthouse owners seeking clarification on Hotel Act

PHOTO: Manon Hostel, Chiang Mai

Concerns over interpretation of the current Hotels Act, following a court-ruling last month about a Hua Hin condo being deemed illegal when renting rooms by day or week, have spread to Chiang Mai where guesthouse and hostel owners are seeking clarification.

Guesthouse, hostel and small hotel owners in the northern city have filed a petition to the Lawyers Council expressing their concerns and seeking amendments to the Hotel Act. The petition has been signed by 500 local business-people.

Over 100 accommodation service business-people rallied at Wat Lam Chang in Chiang Mai before heading to the Lawyers Council Office to file a petition about the current Hotel Act. They’re asking the authorities to cease the raid operations and are pleading for a mutual solution where they can operate legally. They say their role in Chiang Mai’s local tourism is an important part of the accommodation mix for the city.

Chiang Mai City Life reports that problems with the Hotel Act has come to light after local police recently began enforcing the act, forcing many small and medium sized accommodation providers to close down for not having the proper documentation.

People who signed the petition say that the red tape and ‘legal hoops’ they have to jump through make it almost impossible for a small to medium sized accommodation provide to comply with the Hotel Act

Although the issue has been around for a long time, including irregular enforcement by some provinces (usually when local hotels lobby the local police to take action against their illegal competitors), the recent spike in enforcement has caused concern for the small business owners.

This also follows an order from the government regarding illegal hotels and tax collection.


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