Thai wife hires mistresses for husband with a 15,000 baht salary

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You’ll often hear bar talk between men saying “The perfect woman doesn’t exist!” Well, think again, guys.

How would you feel if your girlfriend or wife hired three mistresses for you? Responses would be, “Are you crazy?” “Yeah, only in Cloud Cuckoo Land?” Well, it seems Cloud Cuckoo Land is located in the central province of Samut Prakarn.

A Thai woman last week advertised on social media for three mistresses in the central province of Samut Prakarn. A crank? A scam? No! It is genuine. But it gets even better for the wannabee mistresses, they’ll also get a salary of 15,000 baht each month.

The 44 year old married woman, called Pattheema, has a successful business with her husband selling and hiring out crane trucks in Samut Prakarn. But the mother of one believes she is a bad wife, always tired, and cannot please her husband. So, she wants to make it up to him

Pattheema posted a video on her TikTok account @natpattheema789 with a caption saying “Hiring mistresses for my husband.” Watch the video here.

“I want to hire three mistresses for my husband. I want women aged between 30-35 years old who have finished high school or have a Bachelor’s degree. You will get paid at least 15,000 baht a month, get free accommodation, and free meals.

“But you need to help me out. Two will be hired to help with document work in my office, and another one will be hired to take care of me, my husband, and my child.

“I guarantee there will be no fight between you and me. I allow my husband to choose who he wants to sleep with or stay with. No schedule, he can pick by himself. But first of all, you need to do is get a medical check proving that you don’t have HIV.”

Understandably, the video went viral on Thai social media, gaining more than 56,000 likes, 2,000 comments, and 3,000 shares. Many Thai netizens said she made it up and only did it to be famous. Others praised her generosity, with dozens of women admitting that they will apply for the positions, adding the woman and her family looked nice.

The Thai media interviewed her yesterday at her crane shop.

Pattheema revealed she is serious about hiring mistresses for her husband. She made it known that she had a health problem, and it makes her depressed. She has to take sleeping pills every day and go to bed early. The 44 year old said she couldn’t take care of her husband the way a normal wife can, admitting she hadn’t had sex with him for a long time.

Pattheema believes she is a bad wife, as her husband has to work and take care of the business alone. So, she wanted someone to help her husband with both work and other things. She emphasised that she didn’t want to be famous. She also felt lonely and wants to be friends with the mistresses.

Her husband admitted he was shocked when his wife first suggested the idea and had a serious talk with her after the video went viral.

He insisted that he didn’t want any mistresses, but he didn’t want to refuse his wife’s request.

He also suggested other men who wanted to be like him to talk to their wives first.

The latest update on Pattheema’s TikTok account revealed that they have succeeded in acquiring the services of one mistress and two more positions are still open.

SOURCE: Siamrath | Sanook | Kapook

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