Thailand’s blue flag stores to become drop-off points for postal goods

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The Internal Trade Department is joining forces with Thailand Post in an initiative that will see the country’s Blue Flag (Thong Fah) affordable stores used as drop-off points for goods from farmers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and the general public.

The Department Director-General, Wattanasak Sur-iam, confirmed that discussions with Thailand Post had taken place and that they were in the process of working out the specifics regarding Thong Fah stores operating as drop-off locations. Here, farmers, SMEs, and the public can deposit their products for collection and delivery by Thailand Post. The project’s details are expected to be finalised shortly, said Wattanasak.

“We are assessing the readiness of Thong Fah stores and identifying suitable locations to serve as central points for receiving products for Thailand Post. Based on our preliminary assessments, there are many stores ready to participate, but we need to carefully consider the readiness of both the stores and the postal service. We anticipate starting the project soon.”

Nationwide, there are 140,000 Thong Fah stores of varying sizes in operation, reported Bangkok Post.

The director-general explained that the project offers several benefits, including convenience for farmers, SMEs involved in online trade, and the public, who can deposit the products they wish to sell or deliver at Thong Fah stores. The costs involved would be similar to sending items via the post office.

Moreover, this project offers an added level of convenience, as the producers will not need to travel to the post office, which in some parts of the country, may be located a significant distance away. Simultaneously, Thong Fah stores could generate extra income by offering this service aside from their regular product sales, Wattanasak added.

“This collaboration between the department and Thailand Post aligns with Commerce Minister Phumtham Wechayachai’s policy of reducing expenses, increasing income, and expanding opportunities for Thong Fah stores. It also aims to assist farmers, small business owners, and SMEs in finding new avenues through which they can conduct their business.”

In related news, the Internal Trade Department discussed integrating Thong Fah outlets into food delivery platforms, aiming to provide affordable food options and boost income.

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