Megabangna mall invests 200 million baht to boost customer spending

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SF Development Co, the firm behind Megabangna shopping mall, earmarked a 200-million-baht (US$5.6 million) budget for marketing, intending to drive up customer footfall and increase spending by 10-15%.

Wanwimon Ordeedolchest, the Vice-President of Marketing at the company, revealed that the funds will be channelled into numerous events, activities, campaigns, and applications to draw in shoppers to Megabangna.

“We will hold events and activities at Megabangna that target specific groups, particularly pet lovers and the ageing population, which are high-spending consumers.”

These two demographic groups are expected to form a significant part of Megabangna’s customer expansion plan for this year, considering the surge in pet owners, who made up 40% of all customers at the shopping centre last year, reported Bangkok Post.

The firm also plans to optimise all its online platforms to appeal to the younger demographic, specifically university students and individuals in their first jobs, who currently comprise 22% of the mall’s visitors.

The ultimate objective is to increase customer footfall by 10%, to over 58 million in 2024, a 10% rise from the 53 million recorded last year.

In 2023, the daily customer traffic was over 120,000 on weekdays and surpassed 220,000 on weekends, marking a 10% increase from the figures seen in 2022.

Around 81% of customers came for dining, 32% for lifestyle goods shopping, and 23% for home and decoration products. The majority (53%) of shoppers were families, and 78% used private cars for transportation to Megabanga, Wanwimon said.

“Spending per bill will increase by 10-15% from 4,500 baht (US$126) in 2023 which rose from 3,700 baht (US$103) in 2022. Last year’s amount was comparable to shopping malls located in inner-city areas.”

Megabangna boasts a total retail space of 220,000 square metres, fully occupied by 900 kiosks and stores.

Since its inception in 2019, the Megabangna app has garnered 360,000 members, with 35% of them being active users, said Wanwimon.

“We have a variety of offerings at Megabangna that can appeal to all market segments, from the middle to upper-end segments. We believe our catchment area will expand as Bang Na-Trat is growing and becoming more crowded.”

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