Kerry Express partners with All Speedy to expand services into 7-Eleven branches in Thailand

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Kerry Express (KEX), a leading express delivery provider in Thailand, has announced a partnership with All Speedy Co, a subsidiary of CP All, to extend its services to 7-Eleven branches across the country.

Through this collaboration with All Speedy, Kerry Express is set to broaden its network of service points, offering services from as little as 19 baht and providing cash on delivery (COD) as an option at a fee of only 2.4%. Customers are set to benefit from increased convenience and accessibility, allowing them to send parcels from any location and at any time.

Henry Tang, 42 years old and chief of partnership at Kerry Express, explained that this cooperation between Kerry Express and All Speedy is aimed at increasing the availability of their express parcel delivery service by leveraging the extensive nationwide network of 7-Eleven outlets. Tang added that the collaboration enables KEX to reach a wider range of customer groups, covering every community and meeting various consumer needs, ensuring that parcels can be sent quickly regardless of the time or distance.

Tang further highlighted the significance of the partnership with 7-Eleven, suggesting that it demonstrates a commitment to standing side-by-side with customers, particularly online merchants. By offering additional services such as COD at a fee of just 2.4%, they are providing a convenient payment option for online purchases, stimulating sales, and making it easier for customers to access service points at 7-Eleven stores nationwide. The partnership with All Speedy is aligned with their “Kerry Express Everywhere” strategy, which focuses on capitalising on their strengths and creating opportunities for sustainable growth for KEX and their partners.

Kriengsak Suthinarathorn, the managing director of All Speedy, expressed that Kerry’s impressive track record of dedicated and quality delivery service secured the trust of All Speedy, leading to a fruitful partnership that will benefit customers throughout the country. He emphasised their commitment to supporting KEX to the fullest by opening KEX service points within 7-Eleven branches nationwide and offering additional services like COD within the stores.

Suthinarathorn also noted that this collaboration grants unparalleled convenience and accessibility to Kerry Express’s delivery services for All Speedy’s customers, small and medium-sized enterprises, and entrepreneurs across every community, reports Bangkok Post.

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