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Son of national police figure hits and kills Pakistani refugee with Porsche, Bangkok

Thaksin Bridge

The son of a former national police chief has allegedly struck and killed a Pakistani refugee whilst driving his Porsche, driving in Bangkok.

The driver, 29 year old Pornmet, reported to police after he was treated for head and face injuries. He admitted that he carelessly changed lanes suddenly while driving near Thaksin Bridge at around 1am yesterday morning. A police captain said police are waiting for the results of Pornmet’s blood alcohol test and medical examination.

The man killed was Waseem Ahmad. He was 40 years old. Waseem was driving a motorcycle when Pornmet crashed into it. Waseem died of head injuries. Police are now expected to charge Pornment with reckless driving causing death.

Pornmet is an executive at a renewable energy company where his family are major shareholders, and Forbes magazine estimates that his father’s net worth is US$585 million as of November 2019.

Pornmet’s father was removed from his job with the police force in 2020 after a phone call recording with him was leaked which allegedly “damaged the force’s reputation”. In the recording, another police general allegedly ordered Pornmet’s father to “steer clear” of a shooting probe, according to the Bangkok Post. He was scheduled to return to his job in October.

More information about Waseem Ahmad has not been reported yet, apart from his name and age, and that he was a Pakistani refugee.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post | Bangkok Post

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