Motorbike riders on Bangkok sidewalk told where to go

Internet users in Thailand are cheering a Japanese student, currently studying at Kasetsart University in Sakon Nakhon province, north-east Thailand, who stood up to two motorbikes trying to make her move out of the way so they could continue driving on a sidewalk whilst she was in Bangkok.

On Wednesday, a Facebook video went viral showing the student waiting on the sidewalk, by a bus stop. Two motorbikes are seen driving on the sidewalk in her direction, but she refuses to move and tells them to get back on the road.

One of the bikes is driven by a man, with a small child in front and a woman on the back. Neither the child nor the woman is wearing a helmet. The other bike also has a passenger on the back.

When the first bike begins honking at the student, she refuses to move and gestures with her hand that the bike should get back on the road. While the second bike does eventually move onto the road, the first bike simply turns around and drives the other way, remaining on the sidewalk.

The incident took place at Lamsali intersection in Bangkapi. Netizens are applauding the student, named as Mekumi Morimoto, for her actions. Motorbikes being ridden on the sidewalk is a source of great frustration and annoyance to many, as well as being a danger to pedestrians.

SOURCE: Thai Residents

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