Motorbike burns to a crisp in Bangkok road accident

A teenager is injured after crashing his motorbike into the barrier on the Vibhavadi Rangsit Road in Bangkok at around 1am. The young man said he bounced off the barrier and was flung more than 10 metres through the air. His red Honda PCX instantly set on fire and burned to a crisp.

At around 1am, officers from Vibhavadhi Police Station received a report that a motorbike was on fire on the Vibhavadhi Rangsit Road opposite Kasetsart University in the Lat Yao subdistrict in Chatuchak district. Firefighters from Lat Yao Fire Station and rescue workers from Ruan Katanyu Foundation rushed to the scene.

The 18 year old motorbike driver, Chinakorn Gamsaen, said he lost control of his motorbike and crashed into the barrier. Chinakorn was flung more than 10 metres through the air and suffered wounds all over his body, although luckily did not sustain any serious injuries. He was taken to Vibhavadi Hospital to have his wounds treated.

Chinakorn said his motorbike instantly burst into flames. It took firefighters 15 minutes in total to put out the fire. In the end, the Honda PCX motorbike was completely unrecognisable.

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Chinakorn said the road was badly lit and the surface of the road was wet and slippy from the rain, causing him to lose control and crash. He said he was on his way home from a friend’s birthday party when the incident happened.

Last week, a pickup truck crashed into the barrier of a 4 lane road in Bangkok and exploded, causing a huge fire. Witnesses saw 2 men try and escape the vehicle but both men got caught in the flames and died at the scene.

SOURCE: Thai Rath

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