Experts suggest solutions to Bangkok’s limited flood retention space

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Bangkok’s small amount of green space means the city has limited spaces that can be made into flood retention areas. Meanwhile, the country’s heavy rainfall continues to cause chaos. Some experts are suggesting innovative solutions to the problem.

An associate professor at Chulalongkorn University says the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration needs to use incentives for land owners to offer their land for water retention. The lecturer, Sucharit Koontanukulvong, teaches at the Department of Water Resources Engineering.

In one example, Sucharit said the government could offer privileges to real estate companies by increasing the sizes of buildings in limited high zones, if the company provides water retention space.

Sucharit added that lands such as public parks should be converted into water retention zones in case of need. He noted that his university converts green areas into water retention zones by keeping water for a while.

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Another professor, from King Mongkut’s University of Technology, said the government should focus more on climate change impacts. The professor, Amnat Chidthaisong, added that the government should strengthen weather-related agencies and for smart networks for them to collaborate and provide support.

This week, Bangkok Governor Chadchat Sittupunt said he planned to declare certain areas in the capital that suffer from severe flooding as disaster zones, and pay compensation to victims. The 56 year old governor yesterday reported to the media that some districts in Bangkok were still under water from flooding.

For local perspectives on Bangkok’s flooding, check out the video below.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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