BMTA bus driver uses umbrella to keep rain out of his cab

Photo by ThaimaaOpas via Unsplash and รถเมล์ไทยแฟนคลับ Rotmaethai

A bus driver has embarrassed his bosses at Bangkok Mass Transit Authority by driving his vehicle while holding an umbrella over his head to keep the rain off.

The bus driver uploaded the picture of himself on Facebook to show his bosses the old bus he drives desperately requires some much-needed maintenance. Unsurprisingly the post went viral.

The picture was uploaded to รถเมล์ไทยแฟนคลับ, Rotmaethai, which means public bus fans. The platform shares news and helpful information about Thai public buses to netizens. The page is also a forum for passengers and bus staff to air their complaints about BMTA services.

The name of the driver is unknown but netizens let other social media followers know he is in charge of bus number 205, which takes passengers from Khlong Toey to The Mall Thapa shopping centre.

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The caption supporting the picture on the Facebook page reads, “Water leaked because the roof cracked. The roof cracked because the bus is old. The bus is old because …” Keep an umbrella with yourself every time you use a public bus. The driver even has to put up his umbrella; what about passengers?”

The post added, “BMTA staff want the public to know their problems. This might look funny, but it isn’t fun for them. They want the authorities to solve this. Feel sorry for both staff and passengers who faced this.”

Thai netizens commented saying they felt sorry for the drivers, while some shared their experiences of taking a public bus on a rainy day. One netizen posted a video in the comments featuring water leaking inside the bus via a cracked bus window.

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Posted by รถเมล์ไทยแฟนคลับ Rotmaethai on Wednesday, June 15, 2022

SOURCE: Dailynews | รถเมล์ไทยแฟนคลับ Rotmaethai

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