1.8 billion baht in donations at the Erawan shrine in 2022

PHOTO: Erawan shrine sees over 1.8 billion baht in donations this year. (via Wikimedia)

The Erawan shrine is a popular place for Thai people to make merit and donate money, and those donations totalled 1.8 billion baht in 2022. The cash donations are gathered and donated to a variety of charities. Over 50 hospitals have benefitted from the offerings, receiving about 100 million baht this year.

The Erawan shrine sits at the Ratchaprasong intersection and is the home to a statue of the Hindu god of creation, Brahma. Yesterday Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt received an update on the water and flooding situation throughout Bangkok yesterday while meeting at the intersection when the shrine gates were opened.

Chadchart first paused to pay his respects. He then took the opportunity to interview an official from the Erawan Hotel Brahma Shrine Fund. They talked about the massive amount of donations received this year. The interview was live-streamed on Chadchart’s Facebook account as well.

The Erawan shrine donation fund has donated to hospitals throughout the pandemic to help handle the strain of surges of Covid-19 infections. They also earmarked money to buy much-needed medical equipment. The governor says that he guarantees the 1.8 billion baht in donations would be handled with transparency. The money donated will go to good causes.

Governor Chadchart says that he is a regular contributor. He makes merit each year on his birthday and has donated money for over 20 years. He says that he gets details from the shrine donations with a report generated every year. It contains management details and spending tracking to make sure the donation money usage remains transparent.

“The cash in the donation boxes at the shrine goes to the fund and the money is given to hospitals in need. I’m a regular donor and the fund is managed by a committee which selects the hospitals that are [most] in need.”

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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