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Purchase type 3 car insurance to ensure that you have the correct coverage at the best possible price.

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Why buy type 3 car insurance through The Thaiger?

If you’re looking to buy a car insurance policy, we provide a wide range of options so you can choose from. We guarantee a quality service with the best and lowest price.

What is type 3 car Insurance?

Type 3 car insurance is the most common type of car insurance in Thailand. It protects you financially in the event that you cause damage to someone else’s property and also includes damage coverage which protects you in case you end up in court for the damages that you caused.

Type 3 car insurance policy, however, does not include personal injury protection, the risk of your own car’s repair or replacement.

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How to check type 3 Car Insurance Premiums?

You must provide the list of details to your insurance providers in order to check for car insurance premiums.

Car Information

Specify the brand, model, and the year your car was manufactured. For example, Honda Civic 2011.

Personal Information

Specify the contact information such as the name of the driver, age of driver, and the driver’s status.

Car Usage

State your vehicle’s current mileage, possession history and claim history.

Car Conditions

Check the coverage package for insurance that covers the conditions needed.

What is the main coverage of type 3 car insurance?

Although choosing which car to purchase can be exciting, it’s also important to make sure you have the right amount of car insurance for you and your vehicle.

Property damage

In the case of a car accident involving your vehicle, this includes liability compensation for damage to someone else’s property. You are not protected if your own car is damaged.

Injury or death to others

You are protected if you unintentionally hurt or kill someone else in a car accident. You are not covered if you are the one who is at fault.

Damage to other vehicles

In the case of a car accident involving your vehicle, this includes liability compensation for damage to someone else’s vehicle. The owner of the vehicle is not covered and the money that you will spend for yourself will come from your own pocket.

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Thank you for taking care of my old car with type 3 insurance, I really love this car but no insurer I go to would accept, with the thaiger and their partners that have made this possible with their recommendations.

Luna Mati


Good service, from start to finish, very fast and smooth process. I was very impressed as before I would be a hassle to get car insurance, but with this service I just sit and home and hand over my information.

Kim Perez


Outstanding job, very good service. The over all experience was very nice and helped us a lot in a good way.

Chole Hall


Reasonable description and detail within their articles and all you have to do is send your basic information and the rest was done pretty much by their team.

Karishma Seyani


Excellent service with full and clear information. 5 stars.



The support team spoke fluent English and was very professional with the product. She answered all my questions efficiently and was punctual with time.

Terry Summer

What are the type 3 car insurance additional coverage?

Take the time to think about the different types of coverage that each policy offers. Determine the type of coverage you need, the minimum requirements, and any additional features that would be advantageous to provide.

Provides minimal compensation, including medical expenses for your car’s driver who is injured or killed in an accident involving your vehicle. The insurer will reimburse the insured person(s) for death, loss of hand, loss of foot, loss of vision, permanent disability, and temporary disability caused by the insurer.

The company will compensate you based on the indemnity sum stated in the Policy Schedule.

Key Points:

  • Minimal compensation, including medical expenses
  • An insurer will reimburse the insured person(s)
  • The company will compensate you based on the indemnity sum

This includes any medical costs you or your passengers incur as a result of an accident involving your vehicle.

Any insured person who is injured as a result of an accident while in, or getting into, and exiting the vehicle would be reimbursed for fair and required treatment expenses, surgical costs, and hospital service costs.

Key Points:

  • Includes any medical costs
  • Any insured person will be reimbursed
  • Required treatment expenses, surgical costs, and hospital service costs

Following an accident, the legal costs or expenses related to criminal proceedings are covered.

The insured or driver will be detained by the police investigator as part of the ongoing investigation.

Key Points:

  • Legal costs or expense are covered

A great value for your money.

Buy type 3 car insurance with the most basic policy insurance but with the cheapest insurance premiums.

Top tip: Type 3 car insurance is most suited for people who has alot of experience driving and is not involve in alot of accidents.

Why choose The Thaiger?

Car insurance can help cover the costs of incidents and damage when you purchase and drive a car or other vehicle.

When it comes to auto insurance, we will help you compare plans and make informed decisions. We’ll help you understand your auto insurance policy.

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Insurance Policy Terms You Should Know

Choosing the correct class of use for your car can be difficult, particularly if you use it for a variety of purposes. There’s a class of use for everybody, whether you just travel to work and back, only use your car on weekends, or are constantly transporting children. Whichever class of usage you select, it’s vital to make sure it’s the correct one.


When a claim is made, excess is a fixed amount you agree to pay out of your own pocket. If the accident was not your fault, the excess is usually waived, but it is imposed when there is no third party involved. In Thailand, excess usually starts at 1,000 Baht. The higher the excess, the lower the insurance premium in general.


A deductible is often mistaken for an excess. It’s a fixed amount you agree to pay the insurer if you file a claim. It is never waived and still applies, unlike excess. The benefit of a deductible is that it can significantly reduce the cost of your insurance. A deductible is usually only applied to claims for serious injuries, not claims for minor damage such as scratches caused by a falling tree.

No-Claims Bonus

Although the no-claims bonus is referred to as a bonus, it is heavily favoured by the insurer. It rewards you for not filing a claim by lowering your annual premium, but this deters people from filing because they are afraid of their premium going up. Drivers end up paying to fix their own car in order to avoid a premium increase. In Thailand, if you have a no-claims bonus, you will be eligible for a lower premium. To qualify for the bonus, you must have driven for at least a year without filing a claim.

Dealership Vs. Independent Garage

If you purchased a new car within the last five years, you may prefer to have all repairs completed at an authorized dealership. As a result, the premium will be higher. It may also mean a longer wait time to get your car fixed because dealerships are fewer in number, particularly in rural areas.

Driver Specification

This refers to the policy’s drivers’ names being specified. When compared to a policy where anyone who is legally fit to drive the car can drive it, you can save up to 20% (based on age and history) if you only have two named people on the policy.

Type 2 Car Insurance

Commonly referred to in other countries as Third Party, Fire & Theft. Type 2 car insurance covers Third Party Property Damage, Excess Third Party Bodily Injury and loss due to Fire and Theft.

Personal injury, medical bills, and bail bond compensation are also provided to both passengers and drivers. This package is for private car owners who want complete loss compensation at a fair price for their car insurance needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about type 3 Car Insurance

Any company use of your car is protected by your personal car insurance policy. Similarly, any corporate use of the employees’ cars is protected by their personal auto policies. If the car in question is mainly used for business, a personal auto policy is unlikely to provide coverage.

The following are some of the other advantages of business car schemes: The employer is responsible for insurance, servicing, and repairs. You won’t have to think about depreciation expenses because you don’t own the car. Every three or four years, the chance to drive a brand new model.

Wear and Tear and General Maintenance: Car insurance does not cover any general maintenance expenses. All vehicles encounter wear and tear over time. This is a standard expense of owning a car. Car insurance does not cover wear and tear or regular repairs.

Even if you’re not at fault, you can make a claim with your insurance company for payment of damages and injuries if you have the right coverages.

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