Tire & Liquid in Car

Get claims for tire mishaps and oil or lubricant refills for your car.

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What is Tire and Liquid in Car coverage?

Tire and Liquid in Car coverage is an add on that you can take along with your car insurance, it covers 2 necessary items that are often failed to be looked after by most car owners. Tire and liquid compensate for all damages caused by your car’s tire, such as tire burst, as well as damage to your car or any accidents that are caused by your engine oil or lubricant leaking out.

With this add-on, you will be able to save money on problems that occur to your car’s tire and liquid, no matter how small they might be!

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The Thaiger performs unbiased comparison from different companies, provides expert advice, and help you get a policy that fits your need. With us, your car insurance plan and add-ons are just one click away.

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Required Documents for Tire and Liquid in Car Add-On

Tire and liquid in car add-ons have specific required documents you need to fulfill. Here are some of the required documents:

– Insurance Claim form.
– A copy of the receipt from the last time you changed your car’s tires and/or fluids.
– Accident damage information provided by the third-insurance party’s company (if applicable).
– Any other documents that the insurance provider may need in order to process the claim.

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Tire and Liquid Coverage

The following are the coverage of tire and liquid in car add-on.

Tires Coverages

This add-on protects bloated, punctured, or torn tires that have caused damage to other areas of the vehicle. This add-on, however, does not include spare tires.

Fluids Covered

Only base oils and motor oils that have spilt or need to be replaced as a result of an accident are covered. The add-on does not cover anti-rust, coolants, anti-freeze, or transmission fluids.

Terms and Conditions

Each insurance policy has its own set of terms and conditions; here are some for the tire and liquid in car add-ons.

– Oil leakage will not be covered if it’s caused by any third party.
– Driving without a license, driving with an expired license, driving with a revoked license will prevent you from filing a claim.
– Drivers who have consumed more than the legal limit of 150 milligrams of alcohol.

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