Car Insurance Add Ons

Enhance your car insurance coverages with optional add-ons that will provide you with additional protection.

What Is a Car Insurance Add-On?

Car insurance add-ons are extra coverage options that you can add to your policy. Its goal is to improve your coverage and give you access to exclusive benefits.

Car insurance add-ons provide additional coverage for you and your vehicle and cover a variety of things that your standard car insurance policy does not, allowing you to be prepared for the additional risks that can appear on the roads. There are many different types of car insurance add-ons available, and we’ll go over the most common ones in this article.

Key Points:

  • Car insurance add-ons are advantageous because they provide additional coverage that is not included in the insurance package.
  • Add-ons to car insurance are especially important for new drivers, who are more likely to be involved in collisions.
  • You can choose from a number of add-ons depending on your preferences.

Tire and Liquid In Car

As the name implies tire and liquid car insurance add-on is a cover that focuses on your tyres and liquid in your car. Though tires and liquid are very important parts of your car, these two items are often neglected by most car insurance plans. With tire and liquid in car add-on, you will be compensated for all damages caused by your car’s tire (such as bloated tire or tire burst) and damage to your car due to or any accidents resulting in engine oil lubricant leak out.

Consolatory Compensation

Even if you’re already very cautious, you can still be involved in an accident as a result of the negligence of others. If you have a consolatory compensation add-on, you will be compensated if you are not at fault in an accident with another land vehicle. In such situations, having this add-on can help you relax. This add on is popularly bought alongside type 3 and type 2 car insurance.

Choose the right car insurance add-ons to save you money and give you a stress-free life.

Daily Income Compensation

With the daily income compensation add-on, you can get daily income compensation if you’re hospitalised due to an accident for up to 30 days from the day of the accident. The amount of compensation you receive depends on your premium. The add-on may cover the driver, along with up to 7 passengers. Keep in mind that you and your passengers can only be compensated if the accident happened in the car stated in the policy.

If you get into an accident when driving someone else’s car, or if you get hit by a car while walking, the insurer will only pay the compensation to you (as the main policyholder).

Asset Coverage

Asset coverage add-on is a type of coverage that safeguards the items in your vehicle. Laptops, wallets, purses, tablets, and even sports equipment can all be stolen, or your car can be stolen while these items are in it. You will be compensated for the items stolen from your car if you have asset coverage.

Car insurance add-ons give you the needed peace of mind and extra protection.

Travel Allowance

Travel allowance add-on can help you in the event that your car breaks down as a result of an accident, a riot, and in the event of a natural disaster. With this additional add-on, you will be given a fixed travel allowance daily, which can be used to rent a car or hire a taxi while your car is being repaired. In some cases, a travel allowance add-on may also compensate you for meals and lodging, in addition to transportation.

Common Documents Required to Claim For Car Insurance Add-Ons

If you need to file a claim for your car insurance add-ons, you might need to provide the following documents:

  • Police Report (For Asset Coverage) – You must go to the police station to open a case for the missing items and take the case to your insurer.
  • Insurance Claim Form –You may ask the insurer for the claim form or download it from their website. Make sure to fill it with detailed information.
  • Car Damage Picture (If Applicable) – Picture of the damage to your car before you take it into the garage.
  • Car Registration – You must submit a copy of your car registration.
  • Medical Certificate (If Applicable) – Must include the details of the injury, diagnosis, and treatment.

Who Should Buy Car Insurance Add-Ons

Are you wondering whether you need car insurance add-ons or not? Here are some reasons main reasons why you may need it. If you live in an accident-prone area, you should take car insurance add-ons to ensure that you and your car are protected against any accident. Car insurance add-ons are especially important for new drivers who are more likely to be involved in accidents; the add-on will give drivers much-needed peace of mind in the event of an unfortunate event.

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