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Get car insurance discounts by having a dashcam.

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What is Dashboard Cameras Discounts?

Dashboard cameras or dash cams give drivers an extra layer of protection by recording video footage in the event of an accident. They can be installed on any car’s windshield, and many have a rear component to track operation from behind.

When an accident happens, drivers can submit impartial video documentation taken by the dashcam to insurance providers to support their claims, allowing them to determine who is at fault. Dashcams can help insurance companies, saving them time and money while potentially expediting the claim process. This is why most insurance companies offer a 10% up to 12% discount to drivers who have a dashcam professionally mounted on their car. They understand the importance of this small device in terms of ensuring a long-term return on investment for both insurers and drivers.

Make sure the camera you select complies with the policy’s terms and conditions so that it will be easier to process when you file for a claim.

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How Does It Work?

Police, courts, and insurance companies will all consider dashcam video evidence of their proceedings. This is especially beneficial if you were not at fault in an accident so you can prevent cases from being decided on a ‘knock-for-knock’ basis, where responsibility is shared equally with both parties.

The evidence you get from the dashcam will cover your no-claims bonus, eliminate the need to pay an excess fees and keep your renewal premium low. Your dash cam photos must be accurate and consistent in order to be used as evidence.

Yes, there are free mobile applications that can be used as a dashcam. After an accident, insurers may consider smartphone video as proof, but they seldom accept these apps for dashcam discounts on policies. Of course, dash cams operate both ways; if you were at fault in an accident, the video will also prove it.

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Benefits of Having a Dashboard Camera

These are the benefits that you can get when you have a dashboard camera mounted to your car.

Crime Evidence

One of the most important advantages of dashcams is that the evidence will assist in the investigation of crimes such as collisions and hit-and-run.

Fast Insurance Claims

This evidence may help in the reduction of fraud and the expediting of insurance claims. This means you can keep your no-claims discount if you can prove accidents were not your fault.

Vandalism and Car Break-Ins

Some dash cams may also record robberies and vandalism in an empty vehicle, depending on the setup. Although motion-detecting cameras are available, most only record when the engine is running.

Improper Tickets and Liability Claims

If you’ve mounted a dashcam in your car and were wrongfully given a ticket, you might be able to prove your innocence. This will not only save you money on the fine associated with your ticket, but it will also protect you from collecting points on your driving record, which could affect your car insurance premium rates.

Why Get Dashcams in Thailand?

In 2017 an order, signed by Suthiphon Thaveechaiyagarn, secretary-general of the Office of Insurance Commission, stating that a discount of 5-10% on net auto insurance rates for cars with dashcam TV cameras.

According to the order insurance firms must reduce auto insurance rates by 5-10% for consumers who show photographic proof of dashcam installation in the front of their vehicles. Car owners must also ensure that the cameras are operational during the insurance coverage time.

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