Consolatory Compensation

Don’t let other drivers’ wrongdoings get the better of you; instead, seek consolation compensation to compensate you for your losses.

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What is Consolatory Compensation?

If you are not at fault in a collision with another vehicle, and you experienced the wrongdoing of third party drivers you will be entitled to compensation for the stress they have caused you. Consolatory compensation add ons can be added along side all types of car insurance in Thailand.

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We believe that purchasing car insurance should be an easy task, that’s why we have simplified the whole process for you. We ensure that you get the right coverage for your needs while also saving time and money.

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Consolatory Compensation Exclusions

There are several exclusions you need to be aware of before adding consolatory compensation to your car insurance. Below are some of the main exclusions:

– You will not be able to claim compensation if you drive the car under the influence of alcohol more than the legal limit of 150mg.

– You will not be able to claim if you drive without a license or if you drive with an expired license or a revoked license.

– You will not be able to claim compensation if you’ve been using your car for purposes other than what your car has been registered for.

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Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions you need to be aware of:

Presence of a Third-party

The accident must have involved a third party.

Not at fault

The compensation can only be given if you are not at fault during the accident.

Clear evidence

Loss or damage must be available as clear evidence of the accident.

Required Documents for Consolatory Compensation

In order to get your Consolatory Compensation, you need to provide the following documents:

– Insurance Claim form.
– Details of damage from the accident.
– A police report that details the events of the accident clearly.

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