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What is Travel Allowance?

A travel allowance is an add-on cover that can be taken with a car insurance policy. This add-on becomes effective if your vehicle breaks down as a result of an accident, natural disasters, riots, or any other incidents that can cause your car to break down.

If your car has to be taken to a garage, you will also be eligible to receive a fixed daily travel allowance. While your vehicle is being repaired, the travel allowance provided by your insurance policy can be used to hire a taxi or rent a car.

If your car is destroyed in an accident covered by your comprehensive car insurance more than 50 miles from home, travel allowance compensation accounts for meals, lodging, and transportation.

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Required Documents for Travel Allowance?

The following are the documents that must be submitted in order to receive a travel allowance.

1 – Documents from the third-party insurance company that were used to repair the vehicle.
2 – Bangkok Insurance Claim Form or Accident Report Form that clearly specifies the accident information
3 – A police report describing the circumstances of the crash, including who was at fault, the cause of the accident, and the third party’s licence plate.
4 – A car pick up slip that should have been given to you by the garage.
5 – A photocopy of the garage receipt.
6 – Picture of the damage.
7 – Any other documentation that the insurance provider may need.

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Benefits of Travel Allowance

When you live in an area where taking public transportation is difficult and your car is being repaired, this feature comes in handy. For some people, traveling can be a bit complicated without their car.

Convenient Commute

Because of a vehicle breakdown, the policyholder would not have to wait at home or account for travel costs out of pocket. He or she will continue to travel by choosing a more convenient mode of transportation. Working professionals should not need to take time off work or use an uncomfortable form of transportation simply because they cannot use their vehicle.

Daily Allowance

One of the most important aspects of the travel allowance add-on is daily allowance. When your vehicle is being repaired, the insurance policy will cover the expense of travel. You can use this money for a break-free travelling.

No Compromise

Because of a car breakdown, one does not have to choose unfavorable travel choices. According to the terms of the contract, the policyholder will contact the insurance provider and choose the mode of transportation they want to use.

Same Comfort Level

This add-on ensures that your regular travel requirements are met without difficulty. You will drive with the same standard of comfort as if you were driving your own vehicle.

What Are the Conditions and Exclusions?

You will receive a travel allowance starting from the day the insurance provider was notified in writing of the claim or when the car was sent to a network garage for repairs. The allowance will be charged until the repairs are finished or until the prescribed number of days (as per the policy’s terms) has passed.

The insurance company will pay a lump sum amount of travel allowance for a period of 10 days under the add-on if the car has suffered major damage, such as a Total Loss or is stolen. But there are some exclusions when it comes to this add-on.

1. If the demand is denied, you will not receive the travel allowance.
2. If only the windshield or glass sections of the vehicle have been damaged, the insurer will not honour a claim against travel allowance.
3. If the number of days needed to repair the car is less than the number of minimum days stated in the policy terms, you cannot file a claim for the travel allowance.

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