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Why buy Group Car Insurance with The Thaiger?

We’re here to help you save money on your premiums and learn more about group car insurance.

What is Group Car Insurance?

Group car insurance is listed into one of 50 insurance groups, which range from the most expensive to the most inexpensive. It starts with group one (the cheapest) and ends with group 50 (the most expensive), with the highest group having the most powerful and well-protected plan.

To calculate your premiums, most insurers use the ‘group rating system,’ which is run by a research institution that all car insurance providers pay for together, although some insurers might use their own method of groupings.

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Why is buying Group Car Insurance better than single car insurance?

We have listed the top 3 points why group car insurance might be better suited for you, your family, or your organization.


Purchasing group car insurance can be less expensive than purchasing individual car insurance. As you’re paying the wholesale rate rather than the retail rate.


Group car insurance is a collection of several cars within one policy that is suitable for companies and families with multiple cars.


Auto-renewal for all of your vehicles in one go! Simply purchase the package once and you will never have to worry about your insurance again.


There will be a significant reduction in the amount of paperwork that needs to be handled. With just one insurance agent and one insurance policy, you can cover all of your vehicles.

Increased Morale

Showing your employees you care will boost the growth of morale among your organization, and benefit the company in the long run.

How are car insurance groups decided?

The group rating panel decides on insurance grouping. The panel assigns new car models to one of three insurance groups based on the following criteria:

New car values

The cost of a new car, as well as its specifications, are indicators of future replacement and repair costs.

Parts and repair

Repair costs are also determined by the likely extent of damage to each model and the cost of the parts involved, with lower costs usually indicating a lower group rating.

Parts prices

To compare the costs of parts from one manufacturer to another, a list of 23 common parts is used.

Repair times

Repair periods that are too long result in higher costs and a lower community ranking. About half of all money paid out in motor insurance claims is spent on car repairs, so the cost of spare parts and the time it takes to repair a car are essential considerations in deciding how much insurance to buy.


Since high-performance vehicles are more likely to be involved in insurance lawsuits, acceleration and top speed are considered.

Customer Ratings


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Customer Reviews


When it came to price, The Thaigers and their partners provided a very competitive quote when compared to my other insurers in Thailand. For a hassle-free service, I would recommend The Thaiger as you can do everything online.

Pavel D.


Thank you, The Thaiger, for providing a simple and quick service that allowed me to cover three of my cars for a very reasonable price. I hope that others will benefit from your services as much as I have. 5 Stars.

Patrick Duncan


I was looking for a website to buy car insurance online when I came across the Thaiger. The group car insurance policy met all of my requirements and would be very beneficial to me and my family.

Demi Dakota


Excellent customer service; I was contacted shortly after inquirying for the insurance to ensure that everything was in order. Excellent value for money, with a prompt and efficient service. would

Peter Chadler


Excellent service through this challenging time, very satisfied customer service, keep up the good work.

Grant McKane


Really impressive and appreciate the experience with the thaiger.

Arya Jone

What are the benefits of group car insurance?

While getting discounts is the biggest benefit, there are a couple of advantages with group car policy. Check out the list below for more benefits.

Many insurers have a major discount. A group car policy will save you anywhere on your premiums, depending on the insurer.

The group car discount is significant when compared to other discounts such as paperless policies or good student discounts (which are usually in the 5% to 10%).

Key Points:

  • Offers major discount
  • Will save you on your premiums, depending on the insurer
  • Significant when compared to other discounts

You would only have to pay one deductible. For example, if one of your cars is damaged in the same incident (such as a severe storm or a tree falling), you will only have to pay one deductible for all of your vehicles.

Key Points:

  • Only have to pay one deductible
  • Even if more than one of your cars is damaged
  • Heavy storm or a tree falling are best example

Enables you to insure all of your cars under one policy, with a single renewal and payment date. You would not only lose out on the discount if you have a different insurance policy for each car, but you will also have to keep track of several bills and due dates each month.

Key Points:

  • Ensure all of your cars under one policy
  • Single renewal and payment date
  • Keep track of several bills and due dates each month

Make one-time payment for all your vehicles

We maybe forgetful about the due dates of our car insurance. With this group car insurance, we do not only get the cheapest premiums and discounts but also got to keep track on our monthly dues.

Top tip: If you have many cars to insure, group car insurance is the best choice.

Why Choose The Thaiger?

We are here to give you the lowest premium amount for your car insurance and help you manage your car insurance online. We provide a hassle-free transaction at a very affordable price. Inquire now to receive your free quotes.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Group Car Insurance with The Thaiger

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Group car insurance features and add-ons

There is no standard list of what is protected by a group car policy. Some will require additional payment, so make sure you just add and pay for what you actually require.

Personal injury cover

Covers you if you’re at fault in a car accident, up to a certain point.

No claims bonus match

Depending on the insurer, the no-claims offer on the second and third cars added to the group car policy can be balanced.

Windscreen repair

Group car policies will generally cover windscreen replacement if one of the insured cars’ windscreen breaks.

Courtesy car cover

Many group car plans include a courtesy car to hold you on the road if you have a breakdown.

Stereo and sat-nav cover

Group car insurance will protect personal belongings if your car stereo or sat-nav breaks or is stolen.

Type 2 Car Insurance

Commonly referred to in other countries as Third Party, Fire & Theft. Type 2 car insurance covers Third Party Property Damage, Excess Third Party Bodily Injury and loss due to Fire and Theft.

Personal injury, medical bills, and bail bond compensation are also provided to both passengers and drivers. This package is for private car owners who want complete loss compensation at a fair price for their car insurance needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Group Car Insurance

Since insurance companies communicate with one another to prevent fraud, you’ll never end up with two pay-outs. As such, having two insurance policies in place isn’t illegal – as you’ll only ever receive the full insured amount.

You will not be able to claim for the same event, but you may be able to claim for different events across different insurances. However, doubling down on your insurance coverage can get expensive.

Most car insurance companies provide policyholders with a group car discount, which can save them up to 25%. A group car discount is a reduction in your rates for owning multiple cars and insuring at least two of them with the same insurance company.

Group car insurance plans are one of the most popular car insurance plan choices for families today. Those apply to all members of the family. This policy choice could save your family money on insurance.

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