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Keep your vehicle and personal possessions protected with asset coverage.

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What is an Asset Coverage?

For a small additional charge, you can add asset coverage to your auto insurance. If you’re worried that assets in your car could be stolen, destroyed, or damaged during an incident, or if your car is stolen. Valuable items such as wallets, purses, laptops, cell phones,and other personal items can be claimed for as long as there is evident proof of force of entry.

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Why Choose The Thaiger?

We have excellent car insurance choices as well as extra coverage to ensure not just your protection but also the safety of your belongings. Here at the Thaiger, everything is ready all in one place, so you can skip the hassle of researching and comparing the right car insurance for you. Our professional team will do the hard work, all you have to do is click ‘Get A Quote,’ get in touch with our team, and we’ll do the rest.

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Asset Coverage Terms and Conditions

Asset Coverage has terms and conditions to prevent it from being exploited. Below are the terms and conditions you need to understand before purchasing this add on:

– Compensation will not be paid if your belongings in the vehicle were lost or destroyed by individuals who borrowed the car, this includes your self, family members, friends or any workers.
– This policy does not include things such as cash, gold, jewellery, items with historic values, works of art, and amulets.
– Files, schedules, and images, whether printed or digital, will not be protected.
– Items left in the car during the time that do not belong to you will not be protected.
– CDs, tapes, sound systems, speakers, and anti-theft devices are also excluded from the cover.

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Compensation for Asset Coverage

The following is the compensation for asset coverage you need to know:


Compensation for asset coverage is only valid if it’s clear and visible that someone has forced to enter your car.


The amount of compensation will be calculated based on the original price of the item lost after depreciation. However, the amount should not be over the sum insured.

Lost Vehicle

If you lost your vehicle entirely, the compensation for any item lost will be doubled.

Covered Assets

Bags, objects or properties in bags, communication devices (such as cell phones), cameras, plugs, watches, clothing, shoes, sporting equipment, and other personal belongings that aren’t excluded in the coverage terms and conditions are all protected under this policy.

What to Do If Your Car Contents Are Stolen?

If you notice your car has been damaged and things are missing, make sure to go to the police station to open a case for the missing item. You can then take the report to your insurer or to us if you need help. Make sure to present the following documents within 30 days of the incident:

– Details of each item lost and its value on a written document signed by you (the owner).
– Fill in the claims form for exclusive asset coverage.
– Case report that you received from the police station.
– Any additional documents that your insurer needs to process the claim.

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