Car Insurance

  • A lot of unpredictable situations can happen while you are on the road, but with car insurance, you can rest assured that you will have the most attentive and reliable service with 100% coverage wherever you go.


Motorbike Insurance

  • Get motorbike insurance to maximize your coverage and reduce your risk with type 1, 2/2+ and 3/3+ motorbike insurance. Additional coverage for third-party liability, injuries, lost or stolen vehicles, and natural disasters are also available.

Popular Motoring Products in Thailand

Type 1 car insurance

Type 1 Car insurance offers comprehensive protection for your vehicle against incidents such as collision, fire, theft, hospital bills, personal injury, and many more. Policies also include a 24-hour hotline, nationwide coverage, and first-class garage maintenance with the highest specifications selected.

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Types 2/2+ car insurance

Unlike type 1 car insurance, the only difference with type 2 is that the insurance does not cover self accidents, however, car insurance type 2 covers the majority of road accidents and all medical expenses for both the passengers and drivers.

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Type 3/3+ car insurance

Get more coverage than standard insurance offers. Car insurance type 3 covers bodily injuries, personal and third parties, property damage in the event of collisions, medical expenses and bail rights. Car insurance type 3 also provides flexibility to repair at any garage options.

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Type 1 motorbike insurance

Type 1 motorbike insurance offers coverage from basic small bikes to comprehensive big bike insurances. Type 1 motorcycle insurance in Thailand includes full coverage as well as breakdown coverage for damage to your bike, all medical expenses and the majority of road accidents

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Type 2+ motorbike insurance

Get motorbike insurance type 2 where the coverage is comparable to type 1 but is the price is much more affordable. Type 2 motorbike insurance will cover any personal injuries, death, dismemberment, bail, emergency care, loss, destruction and natural hazards.

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Type 3+ motorbike insurance

For experienced drivers who have not made claims for years and are looking to decrease their premiums pays, type 3 will be for you. With affordable premium fees and road accident protection, type 3 motorbike insurance will be perfect if your motorcycle is 4-10 years old.

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Motoring insurance basic information

Road accidents happen on daily basis, Thailand’s roads are the second most dangerous road in the world. More than 65,000 reported accidents per year. No matter how carefully you drive, unexpected situations could happen at any time. When these situations arise, it definitely comes with maintenance costs and hospital bills. You have to spend a lot of your money in your pocket, and it’s not cheap to pay for.

Motor Insurance is giving you more coverage. Everywhere you go, you can be confident that you will be supported with the most responsive and efficient quality service. In any circumstance, the compensation of accidental damage to the vehicle, the well-being of the driver, the occupant, and the litigant. Insurance is a wise decision to save your financial risk with insurance. It’s much better to choose to invest with us.

Benefits of Motoring Insurances

  • Cover vehicle expenses repair the damage caused by the accidents.
  • Cover Injury, disability, death caused by an accident.
  • Reputed insurance firms employ qualified and knowledgeable employees to help answer all the questions and give you absolute comfort.

Why choose the Thaiger to get your motoring insurance

Our insurances are quick, simple, and affordably get your quote only with one click in Tadoo.co. There is no need to deal with any complicated process. No matter where you are, just one phone call away from service and guarantee support, 24 hours, for the highest quality of service. Thaiger provides our customers with the best potential quality of service for their personal vehicles and handles claims in an effective and knowledgeable. Be sure you will get the offer which is worth it and suits you.

What is compulsory motoring insurance

Compulsory Third-Party Liability Insurance or Por Ror Bor is a basic insurance scheme that all vehicles must be protected by the Road Safety Act. As a minimum rule, CTPL only pays emergency costs and minimal compensation should you cause an injury. It’s up to 80,000 baht for damage and 500,000 baht for death if it’s not the driver’s fault. When the driver is the cause of the accident, the coverage is decreased to 30,000 baht for damage and 35,000 baht for death. It is usually purchased at the same time as paying an annual vehicle tax.

Comparing car insurance

1. 3 types of motorbike insurance price comparison preview

(These are the Introduction prices. Please carefully check on your insurance plan)

  1. Type 1 approximately starts from 7,xxx THB
  2. Type 2 and 2+ approximately start from 2,6xx THB
  3. Type 3 and 3+ approximately start from 2,3xx THB

2. 3 types of car insurance price comparison preview

  1. Type 1 approximately starts from 1x,xxx THB
  2. Type 2 and 2+ approximately start from 5,xxx THB
  3. Type 3 and 3+ approximately start from 4,xxx THB

3. Motorbike compulsory Insurance price comparison

(Insurance payment dependent on size of engine)

  1. Under 75 CC 150 THB
  2. From 75 to 125 CC 300 THB
  3. From 150 to 150 CC 400 THB
  4. From 150 CC 600 THB
  5. Electric 300 THB

4. Car compulsory Insurance price comparison

  1. No more than 7 seats, 600 THB
  2. No more than 15 seats, 1,1xx THB
  3. More than 15 seats but not over 20 seats 2,xxx THB
  4. More than 20 seats but not over 40 seats 3,2xx THB
  5. More than 40 seats 3,7xx THB