Daily Income Compensation

Add daily income compensation to your car insurance policy to protect you in your day to day life.

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What is Daily Income Compensation?

If you are hospitalised as a result of an accident, daily income payments will come in handy, you may be eligible for income compensation for up to 30 days from the date of the accident. The amount of compensation you receive is determined by your premium and it may cover the driver and up to 7 passengers. However, you will only get compensation if the accident occurred in the car that is stated in the insurance policy. If the accident happens when you are driving someone else’s car or if you get hit by another car while walking, the only person who will get compensation for their loss of income is the main policyholder.

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The Thaiger makes it easy for you to choose from the numerous types of car insurance, we have simplified the whole process, so you can save your time and money to get the right car insurance policy that fits your needs. We are also happy to assist you in having discounts and exploring bundle options to help you save even more money.

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How Much Should You Get From Daily Income Compensation

It’s not easy to place an exact amount for your daily income compensation. However, a number of factors often come into play when trying to calculate the amount:

– The severity of the injury
– The impact of the injury on your job and quality of life
– The amount of pain and discomfort caused by the injuries
– The medical treatment needed by the injuries
– How quickly you are expected to recover from your injuries.

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Details for Daily Income Compensation Policy

Below are the details of the daily income compensation policy that you need to know.

Compensation Can Only be Paid Out Depending On the Amount Covered

When you are being treated in a hospital, compensation can only be paid out depending on the amount covered.

Hospital Stay & Treatment

Treatment and hospital stay should not be less than 6 hours.

Sum Insured Divided Equally

If there are more than 7 people involved, the insurance amount will not be raised. The payout would be distributed by evenly dividing the insured sum to all parties concerned.

Exclusions for Daily Income Compensation

There are various terms and exclusions you need to be aware of from daily income compensation policies. Below are some of the terms and exclusions.

1. Committing Suicide – Compensation would not be compensated if the policyholder commits suicide or tries to injure himself.

2. Non-accident Related – If the policyholder is admitted to the hospital due to an illness, disease, or other non-accident related condition.

3. Elective Surgery – If the policyholder is required to have elective surgery.

4. Crime – If an incident occurred as a result of a demonstration or when the policyholder was participating in a protest or committing a crime.

5. For Rest Purposes – If the policyholder is admitted to the hospital without receiving any care and is simply there to rest.

6. No License – Driving without a license, driving with an expired license, driving with a revoked license, or driving with the incorrect form of license (such as a motorcycle license) would also prevent you from filing a lawsuit.

7. Drunk Driving – Drivers that are above the legal limit of 150 mg per litre of alcohol will not be entitled to file a claim for compensation. If the policyholder is not at fault for the accident, this provision would not apply.

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