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Why buy compulsory car insurance through The Thaiger?

Check car insurance policy rates in a few basic steps with no time lost. You can select from a range of requirements and coverage choices in the policy details.

What is Compulsory Car Insurance?

Compulsory car insurance for private cars is the most cost-effective option available, and it satisfies Thailand’s required standards for Compulsory Motor Insurance (CMI). Since it’s an e-policy, you can pay for it now and get coverage right away.

In Thailand, compulsory car insurance covers hospital expenses as well as coverage for permanent injuries and limb, organ as well as third party liabilities. Once it is determined that you were not at fault, you are only entitled to a certain amount in hospital compensation, which may not be sufficient to cover your full medical costs in the case of a serious accident.

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How to purchase compulsory car insurance

Purchase or renew your policy online with these easy to follow steps.

Personal Information

Provide a valid identification card with your full name and driver’s licence or passport number.

House Registration

You must provide the current address in Thailand and proof that you are currently staying in that house.

Vehicle Documents

Next, you must provide documents containing vehicle information, such as registration papers, insurance policy and any required permits.

Submit the Documents

The final step is for you to submit your documents, this step should only take less than a day if you are not missing any documents.

Receive Your CTPL

You will receive the CTPL sticker in the mail once all of your documents have been processed. Your information can be used again for renewals.

What is includeded in the compulsory car insurance?

Compulsory car insurance offers a great coverage for every policy holder. Here are the lists of the coverage that it offers.

Medical expenses

Without the need of providing any proof, you will be compensated 30,000 baht for personal use as well as for pick-up use and pick-up use must be with maximum weigh of 3 tons.

Loss of life or total permanent disability

Without the need of providing any proof, you will be compensated 35,000 baht for personal use as well as for pick-up use and pick-up use must be with maximum weigh of 3 tons.

Cranioplastic Implant treatment

Without the need of providing any proof, you will be compensated with the same amount and conditions being offered to the loss of life or total permanent disability.

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Customer Reviews


I recieved all call back a few days after I made the enquiry, customer service was always quick and helpful, and any query or issue you may have is usually dealt with and resolved within the hour. Thank you!

Nate P.


Good service, call back feature is great as you can quickly find more information you need or documents that are still missing. You can also inquire for a quote on their website, for FREE!

Melina H.


I used their service to renew my compulsory car insurance, the entire process was quick and pretty much effortless. I hope that others will benefit from it as much as I did, as I know how hard to get simple things like this in Thailand.

Ali Maroon


Super Service! Got my compulsory insurance within a few steps, The Thaiger has saved me hours of searching and physically going to buy my compulsory car insurance. 5 Stars.

Mei Yang


Super easy to approach and their processes are quick and simple to understand and follow! I have already gathered a lot of useful information and inquired for their service.

George R.


By law if you are found to an overdue CTPL you can get fined at any checkpoint. Thaiger’s service have made it a lot easier with their online platform to get this service.

Jesus Emiliano

Benefits of compulsory car insurance

Thailand compulsory car insurance comes with a set of benefits, as one would expect from such a low-cost policy. These are the following benefits that it offers.

You are entitled to 30,000 baht in medical expense coverage per person based to the proof of liability.

This rises to 80,000 baht per person if you are found not to be at fault for the accident.

Key Points:

  • Entitled to a 30,000 baht per person medical expenses
  • It will be based on under proof of liability
  • If not at fault, it may rise up to 80,000 baht per person

Death, dismemberment, and permanent disability are all protected by compulsory car insurance.

If it is decided that you were not at fault, preliminary compensation is limited to 35,000 baht per person, increasing to 300,000 baht for permanent disability or 500,000 baht for death / permanent disability.

Key Points:

  • Death, dismemberment, and permanent disability are protected.
  • 35,000 baht person preliminary compensation if not at fault.
  • 500,000 baht per person for death or permanent disability.

Compensation of 200 baht per day, up to a maximum of 20 days or a total of 4,000 baht.

It can be paid if you are not at fault and in-patient care is needed to treat injuries that resulted from the accident.

Key Points:

  • 200 baht per day compensation.
  • Can be compensated for a maximum 20 days.

Little coverage offered but enough for your day to day driving.

Compulsory Third Party Liability coverage is enough because you can still drive with it since it still has the minimum requirements set by law.

Top tip: Compulsory Third Party Liability car insurance is not only needed for the insured individual’s protection from certain liabilities. But for those who don’t have any fault in the accident, will be taken care as well.

Why Choose The Thaiger?

We provide dependable insurance options for protecting you and everyone around in case of emergency. We will help advise and guide you on the right path to get your insurance. We aim to make the procedure of getting compulsory car insurance easy, hassle-free, and time-efficient for you.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Compulsory Car Insurance with The Thaiger

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Objectives of law why compulsory car insurance is required

By regulation, all cars must have a compulsory car insurance, which must be extended every year before the annual car tax is paid. A fine of not more than 10,000 baht will be imposed for any breach of the compulsory insurance act.

Providing medical care

To protect and support people who have been injured or died as a result of a car accident by providing prompt medical care.

Hospital guarantee

As a promise to hospitals that medical fees for the care of car accident victims will be paid.

Government welfare

It is government assistance given to people who have been injured in a car accident.

Insurance participation

Promote and encourage insurance participation that relieves the victims’ and their families’ distress.

Type 1 car insurance

In Thailand, this is the most costly and comprehensive form of insurance available. It should secure you from all forms of mishaps and problems.

Type 1 insurance is the name given to first-class car insurance in Thailand. The equivalent in most English-speaking countries is “Fully Comprehensive” or “Comprehensive” car insurance. Type 1 protection goes beyond what the government wants.

It also offers 0% instalment plans for up to 10 months or a one-time payment. You have the choice of having your car fixed at your own dealer or one of our network garages.

Frequently Asked Questions about Compulsory Car Insurance

Yes. In Thailand, compulsory car insurance is a legal requirement, which means that driving without it is illegal. Every year, before renewing the annual car tax, all Thai motorists must renew their Compulsory Motor Insurance.

The deductible is the amount of money you have to spend for repairs before the insurance covers the rest. This payment aims to cover type 1 car insurance drivers from reckless driving.

Apart from the fact that it is a mandatory requirement in Thailand, having a CTPL would cover injuries and deaths in the event of a motorbike or car accident.

Compulsory auto insurance provides excellent coverage for all policyholders, including reimbursement for medical costs up to 30,000 baht. You will be paid 35,000 baht in the event of death or complete permanent disability.

Yes. Compulsory car insurance is required for all road vehicles, including buses, motorbikes, electric cars, hybrids, trucks, and private cars. Remember that if you own or lease a vehicle, you must purchase Compulsory car insurance as a legal requirement. You can upgrade your compulsory car insurance with voluntary car insurance where you can choose from the different types such as Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3.

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