What types of Health Insurances are Available in Thailand

Check out a list of the different types of health insurance available in Thailand.

What Health Insurances Are Available In Thailand?

As an Expat in Thailand, having health insurance means you can have access to high-quality medical care across the country, whether it is a public or private health facility. Numerous health insurance types are available in Thailand to suit your needs. Understanding the different types is important so you can choose the right one for you. To help you with your research, we have compiled seven of the most common types of health insurance for Expats in Thailand.

Key Points

  • Health insurance can help you manage your healthcare needs and their costs.
  • Health Insurance provides a wide variety of health-related benefits tailored to you, your family, or even your employees.
  • 7 types of health insurance types are available in Thailand to suit your needs.

Maternity Health Insurance

Maternity health insurance is a form of health insurance that covers all costs associated with pregnancy. It can be purchased separately or as an additional add on to existing health insurance policies. Pre and post hospitalisation coverage is also offered by maternal health insurance. It covers the costs of treatment for babies born through normal or caesarian birth, consultation with a doctor, surgeon fees, and room and nursing expenses.

While pregnancy can be a beautiful moment in a woman’s life, it comes with many challenges. With maternity health insurance, you can be at ease during your pregnancy, knowing that you are fully protected against any unwanted conditions and that you can welcome your baby to the world with as minimal worries as possible. Below are some of the benefits you can enjoy by having maternity health insurance:

  • You don’t have to worry about any expenses that may incur during your pregnancy.
  • Maternity health insurance protects both the mother and the baby.
  • Assisted by the best staff in the insurance’s hospital network. You can have peace of mind knowing that you are in the hands of some of the best medical professionals in Thailand.

Family Health Insurance

Family health insurance is the type of health insurance that covers your whole family in one single policy. It provides coverage for two or more members of your family at the same time, and is usually customised as per your family’s needs.

Family health insurance covers you in many ways, such as when you are staying in the hospital for treatment. The following are the coverages that most family health insurance offers:

  • Inpatient care coverage comes standard for even the lowest-cost health insurance policies.
  • Outpatient care coverage, which is usually provided by more expensive health insurance. However, it may also be available as an add0-on coverage.
  • Coverage for regular health checkups is also included for full health scans, PAP tests, prostate checks and other early warning tests for you and your family to be safe.
  • Eye care coverage including accessories that come along with eye care, such as glasses.
  • Dental coverage can be included as an add-on for an extra fee.

Understanding your medical insurance and health-care choices will provide you with the greatest peace of mind when you begin to discover Thailand’s beauty.

International Health Insurance

International health insurance is for people who are going to be living overseas for a long period of time and or if you are relocated to another country for work, to study, or even to spend your retirement years.

International health insurance is designed to offer long-term, global medical coverage that allows you to obtain and maintain care from every location in the world. It is similar to standard health insurance that covers both emergency and routine healthcare but it protects you while you’re living overseas. International health insurance covers the following:

Inpatient Hospitalisation
If you end up in the hospital, international health insurance will help you pay for your medical bills and if you have a major accident or disease that requires hospitalization.

Routine Healthcare
Routine checkups and treatment with general practitioners and specialists such as ophthalmologists, gynaecologists and dermatologists. You may also upgrade the coverage to include regular dental treatment and/or maternity care.

Emergency Outpatient Treatment
Outpatient coverage covers medical tests and consultations that don’t require you to stay in a hospital overnight, such as blood tests, X-rays, MRIs and CT scans. Smaller procedures are also protected.

Teleconsultations with a general practitioner or specialist in your chosen language are available to you no matter where you are. This gives you the opportunity to communicate with someone from your own country.

You can customise the coverage to meet your specific needs and add more coverage if necessary. Dental checkups, emergency dental treatment and maternity-related care are some of the additional coverages available.

Health Insurance for Retirees

When you get older, it’s important to make sure you have enough medical coverage to cover any health-related uncertainties. Retiree health insurance policies will provide you with the best coverage for your conditions due to their flexible choices. However, some pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes and asthma are not covered by retiree health insurance.

Those who wish to spend their retirement years in Thailand using the non-immigrant visas O-A and O-X are required to have health insurance. People with these forms of visa are required by the Thai government to have health insurance with coverage amounts of 400,000 Baht for inpatient coverage (or IPD) and 40,000 Baht for outpatient coverage (OPD). Health insurance for retirees comes with a number of benefits that provide you with much-needed financial security, including:

Keeps You Financially Protected
As you get older, your health risks rise and medical costs can wipe out all of your savings. If you have retiree health benefits, you won’t have to think about the financial implications of being sick or injured.

Allows You to Retire in Thailand
Anyone planning to retire in Thailand on a Non-Immigrant O-A or O-X visa must have adequate health insurance coverage. Our plans will assist you in meeting the Thai government’s requirements so that you can enjoy your retirement years in the Land of Smiles.

Additional benefits
Ambulance care, coverage for dental check-ups and other advantages are available to retirees with health insurance.

Health insurance is a smart way to protect yourself from unexpected events like diseases and injuries which can occur at any time.

Mental Health Insurance

Mental health insurance cover inpatient, outpatient or other types of care for people suffering from mental illnesses. Aside from covering claims, mental health insurance has a number of advantages, here are some reasons why you should purchase mental health insurance:

Preventative Measures
You have quick access to health care and a wide variety of treatments from professionals such as physicians, counsellors and counsellors if you have mental health insurance.

Support Services
The majority of insurance companies provide customer service 24/7 hours a day. This service will help with a variety of anxiety and stress-related issues such as relationships and finances.

Affordable Therapy
Therapy can be costly at times, which is why many people do not have access to it. You should have mental health insurance to cover the expenses of treatment so you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

Rehabilitation Services
Some insurance companies may provide rehabilitation services such as access to rehabilitation teams and physical or mental guidance.

Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance covers a group of individuals, typically company employees or members of an organisation. Both community members and other dependent family members such as a dependent partner, children, or parents, are usually covered. Members of a community health insurance contract usually get to pay a lower premium price. On the other hand, employers can enjoy the following benefits:

Employee Retention
Your existing and future employees would be more likely to stay if you have health insurance. In Thailand, it is an unwritten law that employers must offer health benefits to their employees. A prospective employee would rather work with you than for a business that does not have health care.

Company Morale and Productivity
When employees are well, the company’s morale increases making it a happier place to work. Employees who rely on the social security system for healthcare are less likely to visit the doctor. They are aware that it would be a less difficult process than dealing with Social Security hospitals.

Tax Write-Offs
The cost of community health insurance is a business expense. As a result, at the end of the year, you’ll be able to pay it off and claim a tax deduction. It decreases your taxable revenue, lowering your tax liability. For a corporate income tax rate of 20%, you’d be saving 20% on your tax payments.

Tailored Healthcare
Designed to have the versatility that a small or large company needs. Depending on the work line where you can select from a range of options to meet your needs and budget in addition to a full package of healthcare benefits.

Self-Employed Health Insurance

Self-employed insurance is tailored to the needs of freelancers and other self-employed individuals. You have complete discretion over the types of coverages you want to be included in your premium plan for self-employed health insurance. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that if anything horrible happens to you whether it’s an accident or a serious illness, your policy will cover you even if you can’t work. Many freelancers and self-employed people are unaware of the value of self-employed health insurance. In fact, health insurance has many benefits, including:

Access to Private Health Facilities and Treatment
You can use private health facilities and treatment at any time in Thailand if you have self-employed health insurance and if you need medical attention, you can rest assured that you will receive the best available in the world.

Shorter Waiting Times
You should not have to wait to receive the care you need. Self-employed health insurance allows you to get medical help quickly if you need it.

Private Accommodation In a Clinic or Hospital In Thailand
Another benefit of getting health insurance is having private accommodations when you need to be hospitalized. Self-employed health insurance allows you to save more money by assisting you in paying for any medical costs you can incur while in Thailand. You won’t have to worry about medical operations ruining your finances because your insurance will cover them.

Other Types of Health Insurance

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