Tropical storm drenches northeast Thailand but pumps come to the rescue

Space image of a tropical storm Photo : by NASA on unsplash.

A tropical storm has swept across northeast Thailand, causing the Mun River to rise, and flooding local communities. In response, the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department hastened to set up water pumps to draw rainwater back into the river, lessening the impact of the floods.

Two districts have been affected, forcing residents from 15 communities, totalling 200 households, and 684 individuals to evacuate.

The tropical storm, currently at its peak, passed through upper Thailand. Coupled with a strong southwestern monsoon, this has resulted in heavy rainfall across various parts of northeastern Thailand, with some areas experiencing very heavy precipitation.

Community residents of Tha Kho Pahi, within the Warin Chamrap municipal area of Ubon Ratchathani, have begun to evacuate due to the rising Mun River. This follows the heavy rain brought by the tropical storm.

Simultaneously, the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office had to install long-distance water pumps in the low-lying areas of the Tha Kho Pahi community to draw the rainwater back into the Mun River, minimising the flooded areas, as the river level is higher than that in the community.

In the Pa San Udom community in the Ubon Ratchathani municipal area, which is starting to feel the impact of the rising Mun River, residents have had to wade through water and use rafts to enter and exit their flooded homes. Currently, residents, including children and the elderly, from homes starting to be flooded, have evacuated to a temporary shelter for safety.

The Ubon Ratchathani Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office, led by Deputy Governor Somsak Soi Sa Khu, held a readiness meeting for personnel and machinery to aid residents affected by the flood.

The plan for draining water from reservoirs, dam water release, and irrigation systems has been adjusted to manage water traffic, delay water flowing down to contribute to the Chi and Mun rivers as much as possible, to mitigate the impact of the mass of water that will flow and merge at the Mun River in Ubon Ratchathani district.

Several areas along the Mun River are expected to face rising flood levels.

Today, at flooding station M7, Seree Prachathipatai Bridge, in the city district, the water level rose 15 centimetres from yesterday, reaching 7.44 metres, exceeding the embankment level by 44 centimetres, reported Khaosod.

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