Confused car finds itself driving a steep narrow pedestrian bridge

We’ve all been there, driving along, spaced-out, and minding our own business, when we suddenly find ourselves driving on a pedestrian path with motorbikes honking and warning us. If this scenario hasn’t happened to you consider yourself luckier than a driver in Samut Sakhon, who ended up haplessly driving a car halfway across a narrow bridge intended only for pedestrians and bikes.

A video posted on Facebook captured the moment as the car attempted to drive over a bridge across Klong Mahachai near the temple of Wat Sophanaram in the Bangkok suburb province on Sunday morning at about 9am. The steep and skinny bridge is clearly not intended for cars, and the pathway on the other side looks to be far too narrow for a car to turn onto.

Car drives over pedestrian bridge in Samut Sakhon. (via video screencap)
“What a scenic road!” (via video screencap)

Local bystanders looked on in disbelief as the car attempted to squeeze its way across the bridge, while drivers used their motorcycle horns to try to get the driver’s attention and warn them that they would not be able to complete their journey over the river in the car.

In the end, the driver clearly became aware of his predicament and threw his car into reverse to roll backward back over the bridge to safety. While no official explanation has been given, many on Facebook and in the media have guessed that this was a case of a driver putting far too much faith in their GPS navigation, following it unquestioningly onto a path clearly not intended for their vehicle.

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(It is worth noting that Google Maps has separate direction settings for driving a car or driving a motorbike, though it has been known to direct motorbikes on the highways in the greater Bangkok area that only allow cars. Still, they may have been following motorbike directions rather than those for a four-wheeled vehicle.)


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