All transit passengers must now show Covid-19 certificate: CAAT

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The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand will enforce a new rule requiring all passengers, even on Thai-owned chartered flights or special flights transitioning through Thailand, to have a valid Covid-19 clearance certificate. CAAT has probibited all transit flights with Covid-19-infected passengers following China’s temporary ban of 2 Thai registered airlines after several passengers tested positive upon arrival in China. In both cases the flights only transited through Bangkok, and no passengers disembarked.

The carriers, Thai AirAsia X and Thai Lion Air, were flying from Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur earlier this month and reportedly stopped in Bangkok only to refuel and get the rights to fly on to China. The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration has announced that no passengers deplaned or were exposed to any ground staff, and that no additional passengers boarded. The incident caused some confusion on Thai social media, with some incorrectly claiming that the passengers were flying directly from Thailand.

The flights were XJ808 and SL117, from Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta via Bangkok’s Don Mueang airport to Tianjin and Guangzhou, China.

China has temporarily banned flights from both airlines for a week beginning Monday, but has reportedly been pleased by Thailand’s swift action. The new rule requires that all passengers who go transit through Thailand, regardless whether they disembark, will require a Covid-19 free certification.

The CCSA notes that currently the majority of flights transiting through Bangkok are repatriation flights, and no passengers without proper approval are allowed to disembark and enter Thailand. The new requirement for all passengers, even transit passengers, to be certified Covid-19 free could make it more difficult for some to fly through Thailand, the CCSA admits, but says “it is a precaution that has to be taken.”

SOURCES: The Pattaya News | Bangkok Post

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