The best reasons to celebrate Christmas in The Land of Smiles

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Whether you live here, or you’re a tourist who fancies spending Christmas away from home for once, there are countless reasons to celebrate the holiday season in Thailand. Now that the country has re-opened to vaccinated foreign tourists, we round up the best reasons to visit the Land of Smiles at Christmas time.

The Weather
For many, this will be reason number 1. If you hail from the northern hemisphere, you’ll be all too familiar with the harsh winter weather December brings. Not the case in Thailand! If you like the idea of choosing flip flops over slippers on Christmas morning, then the Land of Smiles is where you want to be. Sure, there might be a little rain from time to time, but the weather will be pleasant and sunny for the most part. If you hate a cold Christmas, Thailand is where you want to be.

The People
Who doesn’t want to spend Christmas surrounded by smiles? No Scrooges here and even the most argumentative families will be charmed enough by their surroundings to refrain from squabbling. While most Thais don’t celebrate Christmas, the smiling locals will go out of their way to wish you a “Merry Christmas”, knowing that for many foreigners, it is a major holiday. And don’t be surprised to see most Thais going about their business in Santa hats too!

The Beaches
Along with the weather, the beaches alone are reason to spend Christmas in Thailand. Unless you’re Australian, spending Christmas on the beach will be a novelty that will stay with you for a long time. Surrounded by white sand and turquoise waters, you might want to make a smug video call to family members back home in the cold, just to show off your little slice of Christmas paradise!

The Food
Whether it’s Thai food or more familiar holiday food, you’ll be spoilt for choice if you decide to spend Christmas in Thailand. In popular tourist locations, you should be able to find the traditional Christmas turkey and all the trimmings, but if you fancy it, Thai food is always a delicious alternative!

The Shopping
Panic not if you still have last-minute present shopping to face. Thailand has everything you could need, whether you want to peruse the handicraft stalls at a local market or lose yourself in some of Bangkok’s huge shopping malls. Whoever you’re buying for, you’ll have no shortage of shopping options in Thailand.

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SOURCE: Culture Trip

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