Travel Guide: Thailand Pass “Test & Go” 3.0 – All you need to know!

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There’s good news on the horizon for those looking to travel to Thailand. The CCSA has just updated requirements for entry into Thailand, making it easier to enter the Land of Smiles — with a big smile of your own.

Beginning March 1, travellers by air, land and water will be able to register to enter Thailand under the revised “Test and Go” program, with a reduced minimum coverage for medical insurance and just 1 PCR test on arrival. Approved travellers under the new requirements will be able to enter Thailand beginning March 7.

Here are the key points of the latest changes…

  • The required prepaid accommodation has been reduced to just 1 night
  • The COVID-19 tests have been revised to 1 RT-PCR test on arrival and 1 self-ATK test on day 5
  • The required insurance policy has been reduced to include a minimum of US$20,000 in COVID-19 coverage

Here is The Thaiger coverage yesterday as the news came to hand…


How to enter Thailand?

The 3 points of entry are by air (direct international flight or transit domestically via dedicated flight), by land (at the border checkpoints in Nong Khai and Songkhla) and by water (yacht).

All travellers are eligible to arrive by plane and yacht, including Thai nationals and international travellers from all countries and territories.

Thai citizens and international travellers from neighbouring countries connected with reopened border checkpoints of Nong Khai (Laos border) and Songkhla (Malaysian border) may enter by land.

How to register for entry into Thailand?

If you plan to catch a flight, take a bus or drive a car, then you’ll need to register for entry using the Thailand Pass system. Registration is free. Please visit the official government website here.

NOTE: The system currently allows applicant for air travel only. It should be updated beginning March 1 to allow for registration for land entry as well.

If you’re one of the few who plans to enter on a yacht, then you’ll have to register for entry using the older Certificate of Entry system. The COE website was replaced in November 2021 with the introduction of Thailand Pass system. Travellers by yacht will have to apply directly at the nearest Thai Embassy or Consulate General in your country.

What are the quarantine requirements?

Quarantine requirements also vary depending on your mode of entry. For those travellers who plan to arrive by plane or at a land border on the Test & Go program, there will be…

“No quarantine, but on Day 1 must wait for the COVID-19 test result within an approved SHA Extra Plus (SHA++) or alternative quarantine facility.”

To clarify, the Thai government considers your date of arrival as Day 0. So technically, Day 1 is the first day after you arrive in the country.

“No quarantine” means they’ve scrapped the required 14 day (15-night) quarantine in a hotel at your own expense. Now you will need to spend just one night at an approved hotel, until you receive your negative test result the next day, usually in the morning. But the Test & Go option is only available for fully-vaccinated travellers.

It’s the same for those arriving by yacht, except you’ll need to spend one night on the boat, until you receive your negative test result the following day. You cannot move your boat, must keep your AIS on at all times, cannot put your tender in the water and only officials are allowed to board your vessel.

What updated documents do I need to provide?

When registering for entry online, you’ll have to provide the following documentation regarding accommodation, health insurance and COVID-19 testing…

  • A proof of prepayment for 1 night of accommodation on arrival at a government approved hotel, such as SHA Extra Plus (SHA++)
  • A health insurance policy with COVID-19 coverage no less than US$20,000 (Thais and foreign expatriates under Thailand’s national healthcare coverage are exempt from this requirement)
  • A medical certificate with an RT-PCR lab result indicating that COVID-19 has not been not detected within 72 hours before travelling
  • A certificate of COVID-19 vaccination or recovery from recent infection within the past 6 months
  • Obviously, foreign nationals will need to provide a copy of their passport and relevant visa, if necessary

What are the updated requirements for medical insurance?

While staying in Thailand as a foreign traveller, your insurance must cover COVID-19 related costs, including a minimum medical expense coverage of US$20,000 and hospital isolation. This is a reduction from the previously required minimum coverage amount of US$50,000.

The reduction in minimum medical coverage likely reflects health insurance companies recently changing their policies. Also, your insurance policy must be valid for the entire duration of your stay in Thailand. To make the process simpler, you can purchase valid medical insurance for your trip directly from the Thailand Pass website. But other options exist, if you’ll willing to search for them.

Insurance packages for Thailand Pass entry HERE.

What are the updated COVID-19 testing requirements?

  • For arrivals by air and land: First test is a RT-PCR test on arrival (wait for the result at the hotel), and the second test is a self-ATK test on Day 5 (must report the result via the application)
  • For arrivals by water: First test is a RT-PCR test on arrival (wait for the result on board the vessel), and the second test is a self-ATK test on Day 5 (must report the result via the application)

How long does it take to apply for Thailand Pass?

The official application processing time for Thailand Pass is 3-7 days. Thailand Pass will not permit registration less than 2 days before departure. They recommend that you plan your trip at least 7 days in advance, to ensure sufficient time for the registration and approval process in the Thailand Pass system and to eliminate the need for travellers to adjust their travel itineraries. In case of an emergency, you can submit your request with supporting documents to the following email address:

SOURCES: TAT | Rolly Tasker


If you are fully vaccinated and looking to travel to Thailand, you may enter by a 1 Day Test & Go Packages.


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