Thai tourism officials plan to propose new closing time for tourist areas

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Thai tourism officials plan to propose a new closing time for night venues in tourist-heavy areas. The Tourism and Sports Minister plans to propose that the closing time move to 4am in these areas, as ‘high season’ is coming in October. He said the ministry plans to suggest the idea to the CCSA next month (September).

Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn has said that this new closing time would only apply to areas that are hotspots for foreign tourists. He said…

“However, the opening hour extensions will be in specific zones in tourist cities such as Khaosan Road in Bangkok, Walking Street in Pattaya, and Bangla Road in Patong.”

Phiphat said that if the CCSA, along with provincial governors, approve of the 4am closing time, it will start in October.

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Thailand’s “official” closing times for night venues have been the source of a lot of drama this year. Earlier this year, the closing time was 11pm. After countless entertainment operators complained about how much this had hurt their businesses, the closing time moved to midnight. The closing time finally became 2am and 1am in June, depending on the area. Of course, the “unofficial” closing time has been much later than this for a while already…

As officials anticipate a tourist influx during Thailand’s ‘high season’ from October to December, we’ll see just how many tourists will be allowed to party the night away.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post | The Pattaya News

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