Elephant riders rescue tourists in deep water after rafting mishap

Picture courtesy of Pattaya News

A group of tourists found themselves in a perilous situation when their raft capsized in a raging river in Chiang Mai province yesterday. Swift action by a team of elephant riders ensured their safe rescue.

The incident occurred when a sudden strong current overturned the tourists’ raft, leaving them stranded in the middle of the river. Clinging desperately to the tip of a tree, the tourists awaited rescue as the waters surged around them.

The dramatic rescue was captured and shared on the Facebook page of the Saen Family. The video showed the Saen Family’s mahout team, riding an elephant named Valentine, bravely navigating the treacherous waters. The mahouts, demonstrating both skill and courage, managed to reach the stranded tourists and bring them safely back to shore.

The post garnered widespread attention, with numerous comments from netizens praising the bravery and quick thinking of the Saen Family’s mahout team and Valentine.

“Incredible courage and kindness shown by the mahouts and Valentine! Truly heroic.”

“Thank you to the Saen Family and their brave elephant for saving those lives. What an amazing rescue!”

This incident highlights the unexpected ways in which traditional skills and local knowledge can come to the rescue in emergencies. The Saen Family’s mahout team and Valentine have become local heroes, celebrated for their selfless and timely intervention that prevented what could have been a tragic outcome, reported Pattaya News.

Elephant riders rescue tourists in deep water after rafting mishap | News by Thaiger
Picture courtesy of Pattaya News

In related news, renowned monk Phra Kru Odd called upon elephant enthusiasts to join a significant initiative to construct a shelter for elephants of the Saen family in Chiang Mai. The project aims to protect the elephants from harsh weather conditions and is estimated to cost 1 million baht, taking one full year to complete.

Phra Kru Odd, associated with Wat Chedi Luang in Mueang District, Chiang Mai, recently visited Mae Taeng District to prepare the site for the construction of a standard elephant shelter. The planned structure will be 13 metres wide and 60 metres long, providing a haven for over 10 elephants. This initiative seeks to offer the elephants a comfortable environment, shielding them from the sun and rain.

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