Chinese tourists flock to Folding Umbrella Market in central Thailand

Folding Umbrella Market, photo by Pattaya Mail.

Chinese tourists are flocking to the Folding Umbrella Market in Thailand’s central province of Samut Songkram.

The Folding Umbrella Market, also known as the Rom Hoop Market or Mae Klong Railway Market, is a unique tourist attraction. The market is set up alongside a railway line and when a train approaches, the vendors must quickly fold their parasols and clear their goods from the track to make way for the train to pass. This spectacle is a familiar occurrence for the residents but is a thrilling experience for tourists visiting from all over the world.

With restrictions on travel beginning to ease following the Covid-19 pandemic, Chinese tourists are heading to Thailand, eager to witness this hidden gem for themselves. Thailand is one of the 20 countries approved by China for group tours, and with a direct flight from Guangzhou city with Spring Airlines, it is easy for visitors to reach.

The first tour group to the market from China eagerly waited for the train on Wednesday, Pattaya Mail reported. Excited visitors captured the market with their cameras and smartphones, live-streaming it to their friends on social media platforms. Some visitors took the opportunity to sample the local cuisine, such as mangoes, rose apples and other dishes.

To ensure the safety and security of visitors, the Mae Klong Railway Station manager, State Railway of Thailand officials, and tourist police were all on hand to provide assistance and guidance. Visitors were asked to comply with Covid prevention measures, such as wearing masks and using hand sanitisers. The station is also prepared to communicate in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, to accommodate tourists from all over the world.

As the train arrived and stopped at the Mae Klong station, the atmosphere became even more lively, with tourists alighting from the train and others waiting to board.

Several areas of Thailand have been filled with Chinese tourists ever since China allowed its citizens to travel abroad again.

Bangkok‘s New Chinatown was once again buzzing with life as Chinese tourists flocked back to the bustling neighbourhood last week for the Lunar New Year. The most sought-after products among Chinese tourists included dried fruit, milk tablets, herbal liniments, honey, and rubber pillows. The neighbourhood offers a unique shopping experience, with stores offering a wide range of traditional Chinese products, including medicine, herbs, and spices.

Thailand’s government is now expecting at least seven to eight million Chinese visitors this year, up from a previous forecast of five million.

The Thai government has implemented measures to attract Chinese tourists, including direct flights from major Chinese cities to Thai destinations.

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