Family pilgrimage ends in van-truck collision tragedy in Buriram

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A family outing turned tragic yesterday evening when their van collided with a eucalyptus wood transport truck, leaving two dead and four seriously injured.

Around 8.30pm on February 17, authorities from the Satuek Police Station in Buriram Province, led by Deputy Investigator Thanadorn Phaksarum, were called to the scene of the accident on the Buriram-Stuek Road, heading towards the city of Buriram. Rescue units from Wang Grud Satuek and Sawang Janya Tham Buriram were dispatched immediately to assist the victims.

Upon arrival at the crash site, officials discovered a Hyundai van with severe front-end damage from colliding with the rear of the truck. Inside the van, two male casualties were found deceased. Four additional passengers, including the 45 year old male driver, a 53 year old woman, a 60 year old individual, and a 10 year old boy, were trapped and in critical condition. They were urgently transported to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

Teerask, a 33 year old relative of the well-known pork sausage shop owner and one of the passengers, arrived at the scene visibly shaken. He explained that the family was returning from a religious pilgrimage to the Phra That Phanom temple in Nakhon Phanom Province, a journey they traditionally undertook yearly. He had been periodically checking on their progress via phone but could not reach them during the last leg of the trip, which coincided with the time of the accident. The tragic event resulted in the loss of his father and uncle, with his mother and 10 year old son among the injured, reported KhaoSod.

The 47 year old truck driver, Veerayuth, reported that he was transporting eucalyptus wood from Kaset Wisai District in Roi Et Province to a factory in Prasat District in Surin Province. He heard a loud crash from behind and immediately realised his truck had been hit.

After stopping and assessing the situation, he discovered the crashed van with passengers inside calling for help, prompting him to call emergency services at 1669 for assistance. Law enforcement officials will conduct a full investigation to determine the exact cause of the accident and proceed with any necessary legal action.

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