Pro-democracy activist Parit granted bail after proving he has to sit university exams

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Pro-democracy protest leader, Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak, has been freed on 3 months’ bail after proving to the Bangkok South Criminal Court that he needs to sit final university exams. The court had refused to grant bail until the Faculty of Political Science at Thammasat University issued Parit with a certificate to prove his status. Thai PBS World reports that bail was set at 200,000 baht and the activist has been released until May 24.

While on temporary release, Parit is bound by a number of conditions or he will have his bail withdrawn. He is not permitted to get involved in any activities considered offensive or damaging to the monarchy or the court. He is prohibited from obstructing court proceedings and banned from inciting unrest on social media or participating in any rallies that could incite unrest.

The Ratsadon protest leader is also banned from leaving his home between the hours of 6pm and 6am, unless to seek medical treatment or with permission from the court. He must wear an electronic ankle device and is prohibited from leaving Thailand unless given approval by the court. Once the 3-month bail period is up, he must report back to the court.

At a hearing on Wednesday, the Bangkok South Criminal Court rejected a bail application from fellow protest leader and human rights lawyer, Anon Nampa, on the grounds that there are several cases pending against him and claiming he is likely to offend again. The reason for his bail application – that he needs to earn a living to support his family – was dismissed as insufficient.

SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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