VIDEO: air rage incident on Thai Smile Airways flight from Bangkok to Kolkata

Footage of an air rage incident emerged yesterday of two Indian passengers swapping punches on a flight from Bangkok to Kolkata in India.

A passenger recorded footage of the fracas and uploaded it to social media where it quickly went viral. It captures two men swapping insults, then punches after boarding a Thai Smile Airways flight that was set to take off from Bangkok and arrive in Kolkata on Tuesday afternoon.

Co-passengers and cabin crew can be heard yelling at the men to stop fighting.

One of the men can be heard saying “shanti se baath” (sit down quietly), while the other says, “hath neeche kar” (put your hand down). Within seconds, the verbal spat turns physical with one man aggressively slapping the other.

The aggressor can be seen removing his glasses before striking the other man several times. The aggressor’s friends then join the spat and slap the man a number of times as he tries to defend himself.

A crew member tries to intervene while another tells the men to stop via an announcement on the microphone.

“Stop right now, stop,” one crew member can be heard saying on the microphone.

Several other passengers on the flight can be heard telling the men to stop fighting.

Incidents of air rage are far from isolated.

Earlier this month a disruptive Phuket-bound passenger on a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul was thrown off the aircraft and arrested after the flight diverted to Pakistan’s Jinnah International Airport in Karachi.

After the passenger was taken into custody by local law enforcement, the flight continued to Phuket.

Turkish Airlines flight TK-172 on an Airbus A330 diverted to Karachi three hours into the flight near the Iran, Pakistan border. The diversion was not an emergency but was a precautionary measure taken by the flight crew.

Thai Smile Airways has not made an official statement on the air rage incident and there is no update on the action taken against the offenders.

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