The American Boarding School Fair 2023: Explore world-class education opportunities for your child

The American Boarding School Fair 2023 - Bangkok by Sesameed Education

The American Boarding School Fair is coming to Bangkok for the very first time on November 12, 2023! Brought to you by Sesameed Education, Asia’s one-stop portal for boarding schools, the fair offers exquisite opportunities for parents seeking the very best for their children’s education.

Meet the best American Boarding Schools

As a parent, you probably know how challenging it can be to choose the right education for your child. Sesameed understands this. They know that each child is unique and believe that there’s a boarding school out there for every child. That’s why the American Boarding School Fair serves as a platform for you to explore your child’s educational opportunities and help you find the perfect fit for them, all in one place.

The American Boarding School Fair 2023: Explore world-class education opportunities for your child | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: The participating schools at the American Boarding School Fair 2023

Set to be the largest American boarding school event of the year for Bangkok, there will be over 30 prestigious Junior and Senior Boarding Schools from across America, including Choate Rosemary Hall, Lawrenceville School, Suffield Academy, and Westminster School. Each one boasts a long-standing reputation for academic excellence, exceptional faculty, and a strong commitment to the overall development of their students. Therefore, this is your chance to meet with them and get all your questions answered.

You have the option to schedule one-on-one meetings and speak directly with representatives from the participating schools. In these pre-arranged meetings, you can even schedule an admission interview, a part of the application process. This allows your child to meet and interact with the school officer directly.

Participate in expert led seminars

Besides learning about American boarding education and finding the right school for your child, you’ll also get the opportunity to participate in four expert-led seminars. These seminars cover a range of topics, including “Why Junior Boarding?”, “Why Girls’ Boarding?”, “What Boarding Schools Seek in Their Candidates”, and “Admission Interview Tips.” Attending these seminars can provide more insights into life in an American boarding school, the benefits, entry requirements, and the application process.

Consultations with Sesameed Education

Sesameed Education also offers a range of services to enhance your child’s experience. For instance, they offer interview coaching to improve children’s chances of admission to these competitive American boarding schools, which offer limited seats. Additionally, they can arrange campus tours in the USA, introducing them to the schools and highlighting each school’s unique strengths.

The initial consultation with Seameed Education is entirely free of charge. Plus, they don’t seek or claim endorsements from any boarding schools. This commitment ensures that their guidance and feedback are transparent and always focused on the best interest of the students they advise.

Real stories from parents and alums

The American Boarding School Fair 2023: Explore world-class education opportunities for your child | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Stella Zhou, a boarding school alumni

But interacting with school representatives and experts is just one part of what you’ll experience. The American Boarding School Fair also allows you to hear from parents and alumni who have experienced this journey firsthand.

Stella Zhou, a boarding school alumni, vividly describes her experience, saying, “I was able to have a very systematic way of exploring many different areas and then narrowing down to a few areas that I’m interested in from my practice in boarding school. […] There’s so much time throughout the four years to slowly get better at what you’re doing because there are so many resources.”

While Stella herself won’t be physically present at the fair, her experiences will be represented through other alumni who will share similar personal stories and perspectives. They can offer a sneak peek into the real boarding school experience in America and why parents have decided to send their children abroad, ultimately helping you to make informed decisions about your child’s education.

Register now – it’s free!

The American Boarding School Fair will be held on November 12, 2023, from 13:00 to 17:00 at the Banyan Tree Bangkok. Whether you’re still weighing between day or boarding school, or you’re wondering why America could be a great destination for your child, it’s the perfect occasion to explore your options and take a step closer to providing your child with a world-class education. Admission to the fair is absolutely free, simply register via Sesameed’s website HERE to secure your spot.

To get more updates about the events, follow Sesameed Education’s platforms: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

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