Thai tourism embraces easier visa rules, faster approvals for Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists in Thailand, courtesy of Taweechai Tawatpakorn, Bangkok Post.

In a move geared towards promoting Thai tourism, the government has implemented policy changes that lessen the rules for obtaining a tourist visa and slashes approval time for Chinese visitors.

Chinese travellers emerged as the majority of international arrivals over the past week, the deputy government spokeswoman, Rachada Dhnadirek, confirmed yesterday. Statistics displayed that 95,581 visitors from China arrived in Thailand during this period, far outstripping the numbers from Malaysia (73,810), South Korea (37,754), India (27,707), and Vietnam (25,717).

In line with the renewed visa norms, Chinese tourists applying for Thai visas will now need to submit only six forms of documentation. These include their passport, three photographs, an airline ticket, proof of their accommodation in Thailand, evidence of permanent residence, and financial statements. Rachada pointed out that this adjustment will cut down processing time from two weeks to one week.

Efforts are currently being made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports to harmonise their tourist visa application systems. This strategic approach aims to accelerate the visa approval process for all inbound tourists, stated Rachada.

The exponential growth in Thai tourism numbers, particularly during the elongated holiday period from July 31 to August 6, has pleased Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-Cha. The nation reportedly welcomed an average of 80,000 international arrivals each day over this period, reported Bangkok Post.

A remarkable 16 million global tourists have descended upon Thailand since the beginning of the year. Visitors from Malaysia, China, South Korea, India, and Russia hold the top five places among the country’s international tourist roster, boosting Thai tourism.

Recent reports have highlighted the Thai tourism industry’s optimistic outlook, with anticipated growth under the leadership of the Pheu Thai government.

Industry stakeholders are eagerly anticipating the implementation of efficient tourism policies, drawing upon Pheu Thai’s extensive track record in effective governance and their successful efforts in bolstering the nation’s economy. Paramount among the government’s priorities are the enhancement of the visa application process and the assurance of optimal tourist safety. Read more HERE.

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