Thai tourism stays firm amid debt rise, 200 million domestic trips targeted

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Despite a backdrop of tepid consumption, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) remains steadfast in its pursuit of 200 million domestic tourism trips within the current year. Data from a survey conducted by the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce paints a rather gloomy picture of increased household debt levels, up by 11.5% this year from last year. It is the highest rise in just over a decade and a half. Retail sentiment also looks set to remain bearish, according to the Thai Retailers Association, indicating potentially weaker purchasing power.

Despite this economic landscape, Thapanee Kiatphaibool, deputy governor for domestic tourism marketing at TAT, holds that Thais have set aside a portion of their budget for trips later in the year. While these domestic tourists may not necessarily splurge during these journeys, there’s a noticeable inclination towards frequent travel, with one day road trips being especially popular.

In the first seven months of this year, Thai tourists embarked on 135 million trips. A breakdown reveals that the majority contained overnight stays, at 76.5 million, while the remaining 58.6 million were designated as one-day trips. Between them, they generated a staggering 478 billion baht for the economy, boosting domestic tourism.

Thapanee remains confident that the domestic tourism sector is well-poised to meet the 200 million trips target by year’s end, with average spending per trip standing at 3,200 baht, slightly up from the previous year’s average of 2,800 baht.

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Despite ongoing political uncertainties, she remains hopeful of no incidents that could potentially disrupt the domestic tourism scene. To ensure locals are opting to travel within the country rather than venturing abroad, Thapanee mentions TAT’s strategy of promoting year-round travel. They’re looking to roll out a campaign that would showcase Thailand across the entire 365 days of a year, offering a variety of activities ranging from health and wellness to locally produced community products, reported Bangkok Post.

In line with boosting domestic tourism, TAT is currently hosting the 41st Thailand Tourism Festival 2023 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, concluding in August, this week. The event sees the participation of leading private sector operators and tourism service providers. TAT hopes to attract between 80,000 to 100,000 visitors and generate revenue in the region of 80 to 100 million baht from transactions occurring throughout the event, with spending expected to average around 800 baht per visitor.

President of the Tourism Council of Thailand, Chamnan Srisawat, expressed his hope that the new government can be established without the previously predicted 10 month delay. He assures that his council is ready to collaborate with any political party that leads the new coalition.

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