Woman says man she met online scammed her out of 1.5 million baht

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In what appears to be a so-called “romance scam,” a 36 year old woman identified as “Miss A” says she’s been scammed out of almost 1.5 million baht. She had met someone over Facebook, a man with a good job at a hospital, she says. After messaging for a few days, the man asked for money due to financial difficulties. The woman continued to send money, which added up to be nearly 1.5 million baht.

At first, the woman transferred 32,000 baht. She says she though the man was trustworthy. After that, she sent him regular transfers of at least 10,000 baht at a time. She made several transfers before discovering that the man was lying about his financial situation and that he had quit his job several months before. Back in March, she confronted him about his situation and asked him to pay her back.

Apparently, the man had paid her some money back in the past. He also apparently told her that he would sell his house, worth 4 million baht, to pay her back, but then “disappeared” from all social media platforms.

Yesterday, the woman went to the Pro Bono Lawyers Group in Nonthaburi, a province just north of Bangkok, to find an attorney to help her with the case.

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SOURCE: Thai Residents

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