Truck stopped in Chiang Mai with methamphetamine and heroin

PHOTO: A truck full of methamphetamine and heroin was stopped in Chiang Mai. (via Panumet Tanraksa)

A driver was arrested at a military checkpoint in Chiang Dao district of Chiang Mai with a truck full of heroin and crystal methamphetamine pills. The Isuzu pickup truck was stopped and searched and found to be carrying over 1.2 million meth pills as well as about 8.75 kilogrammes of heroin.

At a press conference today, the commander of the Pha Muang Force confirmed that the pickup truck was stopped on rural road 1178 in tambon Muang Na, at Lo Pa Han village. The 52 year old driver was arrested.

Inside the truck, police found 8.75 kilogrammes of heroin and a large stash of crystal methamphetamine pills, 1,252,000 in total. Police believed the truck and driver were transporting the huge drug cache from the north, brought in across the Burmese or Laos border.

An investigation into the crystal methamphetamine and heroin in the truck is ongoing as police will try to determine the origin and ownership of the drugs.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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Neill Fronde

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