Thai police arrest OnlyFans model for promoting illegal gambling

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Thai police arrested a prominent OnlyFans model at her condominium in Lat Phrao, Bangkok, on charges of promoting illegal online gambling. The 23 year old woman, Lalada, allegedly received 20,000 baht per 30 posts for advertising gambling websites on her social media accounts.

Police Major General Thiti Saengsawang ordered the operation, carried out by a team led by Police Colonel Teeradech Thammasuthee. The team, including Police Lieutenant Colonel Kiattisak Sarathong-oi, Police Lieutenant Colonel Wichit Thirakhajornwong, Police Lieutenant Krithawat Khunin, and Police Lieutenant Pratchaya Kotsakha, arrested Lalada, in her condominium room.

The police had been monitoring Lalada’s activities, noting her frequent posts on Facebook and Instagram that directed followers to gambling sites, often including a Line ID tag for further engagement. An investigating officer revealed that she was actively encouraging people to join online casinos through her posts.

“We discovered that Lalada was advertising and inviting people to gamble online through her personal Facebook and Instagram accounts. She tagged gambling website IDs under the comments section of her posts, linking followers to sites like Omega9.”

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The police gathered sufficient evidence and obtained a search warrant from the Criminal Court, issued on May 15, to search her residence. Upon entering her condominium with the warrant, the officers identified themselves and presented the search warrant to Lalada, ensuring she understood the proceedings.

During the search, police found an iPhone 15 Pro Max, which belonged to Lalada. The inspection of her phone confirmed her involvement in promoting gambling activities. Her Facebook and Instagram accounts contained multiple posts advertising these illegal gambling sites.

When questioned, Lalada admitted to owning and operating the accounts and acknowledged her role in promoting online gambling since 2018.

“I have been advertising and encouraging people to participate in online gambling on my social media since 2018.”

Lalada further stated that two gambling websites were paying her 20,000 baht (US$550) for every 30 posts she made.

The police formally charged Lalada with organising, advertising, and encouraging illegal gambling. She was informed of her legal rights and the charges against her. Lalada admitted to all charges and acknowledged her rights as explained by the police, reported KhaoSod.

Following the arrest, the officers documented the incident and transferred Lalada to the Chokchai Metropolitan Police Station for further legal action.

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