Teen enlists friend for fatal shooting of ex-girlfriend in southern Thailand

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In an unsettling incident, a 16 year old lured his friend into fatally shooting his 17 year old ex-girlfriend, who had moved on several months after their breakup in Phatthalung province, southern Thailand. The police station in Phatthalung received reports from the local hospital about the unfortunate incident last night at 9pm.

The victim, Thanapimol Kaewrat, from Cha Uat district in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, was reported to have been shot by a small gun 10 times in the stomach area. Local authorities quickly documented the evidence before proceeding to the Phatthalung Hospital for further examination. From the investigation, it was revealed that Thanapimol was walking down the street with a male friend in the evening prior to the incident.

The ex-boyfriend, who hails from Phatthalung’s Pa Phayom district, was reported to have driven a motorcycle with his male friend sitting in the back. The duo circled around the village and crossed paths with Thanapimol, who was walking with her male friend. Suddenly, the person sitting at the back pulled out a shotgun and shot Thanapimol, causing her to collapse. The culprits immediately fled the scene, Khaosod reported.

Relatives of the deceased rushed Thanapimol to Phatthalung Hospital, however, she tragically passed away en route due to her severe injuries, KhaoSod reported.

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The investigative police team managed to arrest one of the suspects, the 16 year old ex-boyfriend who was the motorcycle driver. The gunman, however, managed to flee and has been on the run since. The police are intensifying their investigations to apprehend the culprit.

In another act of extreme violence yesterday, several Thai teenagers engaged in a bloody bomb attack after provocation. One teen may need to have his leg amputated due to severely shattered bones in his anterior right leg after the bomb exploded. To read more about the story click HERE.

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