Teen brutally stabs other teens with scissors in Phuket fight

Photo by FM 91 BKK.

In a brutal fight in Phuket this week, a teen attacked a group of other teens with a pair of scissors near a school in the main city district on Monday. The suspect is a 16 year old boy, while his victims are 14-17 years old.

Thai media reported that a group of teens went to meet the attacker at a temple. They then got into a conflict with one another, and the two parties then met near the school to fight.

The suspect then brutally stabbed four other teens with scissors. He stabbed a 14 year old boy in the back, piercing his lung. He stabbed two other boys in their backs as well, causing them to need stitches. The suspect then punched another boy, FM 91 BKK reported.

The suspect escaped uninjured, and the pair of scissors was found at the scene.

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The culprit presented himself at Phuket City Police Station yesterday with his parents and reportedly admitted to his crimes. He has been charged with causing injury to another person’s mind or body. Police said that there were eight more teens involved in the incident, who already contacted police to surrender themselves.

This is not the first fight between Thai teens that has led to a brutal stabbing this year. In September, there was a knife attack involving groups of teenage boys in Thailand’s northeast province of Khon Kaen. Students in Grade 9 from the Mathayom Suksa school stabbed three Grade 11 boys at the school in their abdomens and lungs. The attack happened outside a school in the Nam Phong district.

The boy who pulled out the knife alleged that his rival group started the fight when one of them punched him in the eyebrow. He said he then pulled out his knife to attack them. He and his friends later returned home on a motorcycle.

Following the horrific attack in Phuket on Monday, the victims will hopefully recover soon,

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