Fight between teens leads to stabbing in NE Thailand

Nampongsuksa School, where the stabbing happened.

There was a knife attack involving groups of teenage boys in Thailand’s northeast province of Khon Kaen last night. Students in Grade 9 from the Mathayom Suksa school stabbed three Grade 11 boys at the school in their abdomens and lungs. The attack happened outside the school in the Nam Phong district.

One of the injured boys, Narongrit, told police that he and two friends had left school once classes were out. He said they came across another student, Chao, who he had rowed with earlier.

Chao was with two of his friends, and an argument broke out between the two groups, which led to Narongrit and his friends being stabbed. Chao alleges that Narongrit’s group started the fight when one of them punched him in the eyebrow. He said he then pulled out his knife to attack them. He and his friends later returned home on a motorcycle.

Narongrit and his friends were rushed to a nearby hospital and later transferred to another hospital in the main city district. Narongrit’s friends had serious injuries, while he suffered from minor scrapes. Police later arrested Chao and his friends, Phum, and Oak. Police said that since they were all minors, officials would have to be present when they were interrogated.

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Chao told police that he and his friends had fought with the other group earlier after they accused him of putting a sliver of wood into the keyhole of one of their motorcycles in a complaint to police earlier this month.

This news comes after another fight between youngsters broke out in Thailand earlier this month. The fight between two rival schools in Bangkok involved 60 students from the Pathumwan Institute of Technology and about 50 students from the Rajamangala University of Technology.

News outlet TNA reported that police were deployed to the scene, but they could not prevent the fight. Both groups then stopped brawling and ran back to their schools.

At least 17 of the student fighters have been sentenced to one month in prison and a year of probation. They were each fined 10,000 baht as well.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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