Prachinburi teens narrowly escape sexual assault plot after dinner invitation from male friend

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In a shocking incident, two young women were caught in a devious sexual assault plot planned by an acquaintance who lured them with a dinner invitation. Following their meal, he led them to a rental room with intentions of sexual assault. However, demonstrating remarkable courage, the women managed to resist the assault and fled from the scene, subsequently seeking help. The incident happened in the eastern Prachinburi province.

The event unfolded at around 3.30am today. Chaiyong Ampansan, the deputy investigator at Kabin Buri police station, was notified of the incident involving two women being subjected to harm within a rental room by a male acquaintance. These individuals escaped and were found seeking aid near a convenience store at the Thaiprakong Market in Old Town, Kabin Buri district.

Upon being located at the convenience store visibly afraid, the two women disclosed the events that led them there. One of the victims was 18 year old Fah (alias). Fah recounted how the previous evening, their male acquaintance, Pong (alias), called and offered to take her out, subsequently dropping her back home. Considering his proposal harmless, Fah invited her friend, 19 year old Nam (alias), to accompany them on the outing to Kabin Buri, reported KhaoSod.

After their meal, Pong communicated his desire to meet another friend at a rented room before he dropped them off at their respective homes. Upon reaching the rental room, they encountered several of Pong’s friends, including Sommai (alias), Nam’s ex-boyfriend and their mutual friend, along with three other males.

As per Fah’s account, Sommai attempted to pull Nam into a room, visibly against her will. In an immediate reckoning, Fah concluded their male friends’ ill intentions. Both women fought back, screaming for help, before managing to help Nam escape the room. In response, all the males fled the scene on motorbikes. The victims then reached out to the police for assistance.

The police officers let the young women wait for their parents at the police station. The police planned to tell the parents the details and urge them to file a complaint.

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