Phuket thief steals 1,000 baht from elderly woman

A thief in Phuket who stole 1,000 baht from an elderly woman last week was caught yesterday. The victim’s granddaughter said the thief stole the money from a jar on a table at the elderly woman’s home in Phuket’s main city district. Police tracked down the thief, who they so far have only named as “Ms. Davika”, 9 days after photos of her spread through social media.

Wichit police said Ms. Davika was also charged and found guilty of stealing from a nearby noodle shop in 2020. They said she was only recently released from prison. The police did not clarify if the prison sentence that Ms. Davika was recently released from was specifically for stealing the money from the noodle shop, or from something else.

After stealing the 1,000 baht, Ms. Davika now has another mark on her record, as she has once again been charged with theft.

Police caught another thief in Phuket’s main city district earlier this week. The thief allegedly stole more than 30 times in 2 months, and said he needed the money to play online video games and for his living. In his most recent crime, the thief allegedly stole cash from a ‘restaurant’ called 200 Years.

A police chief said officers tracked the thief down through his motorbike registration, and CCTV footage. Looks like he won’t be gaming for a while.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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Tara Abhasakun

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