Pattaya boy stabs schoolmate in stomach

The suspect stabbed his schoolmate, photo by Nation Thailand.

There’s been another disturbing stabbing attack in Pattaya.

A Pattaya boy stabbed his schoolmate with a knife on Wednesday. The boy, 16 year old Nattapol Slipchart, stabbed 15 year old Ratchata Marudok in his stomach with a pocket knife outside of Ban Nong Ket Yai School. The school is located in Chon Buri’s Bang Lamung district.

Police arrested Nattapol, and seized his knife. Meanwhile, rescuers provided Ratchata with first aid before transferring him to Bang Lamung Hospital.

Nattapol confessed to the stabbing. He told police that he had been carrying the knife with him for the past week to protect himself because Ratchata had been bullying him. Nattapol said that Ratchada kicked a ball at him which hit him, and then Ratchada and other students attacked him.

The police are currently investigating the incident before proceeding with legal steps.

Stabbing attacks, unfortunately, are not unheard of in Thailand. Many stabbing incidents that make headlines across the country involve interpersonal conflicts, often fueled by anger, jealousy, or revenge. In response to the issue, some areas have increased police patrols and installed surveillance cameras in public spaces.

However, addressing the root causes of violence and providing support for individuals who may be at risk of engaging in violent behaviour remains a challenge, including when it comes to violence among teenagers.

Last month, a 15 year old boy stabbed a 16 year old boy to death at a market in Nonthaburi province.

In September last year, a 15 year old schoolboy in the northeastern province of Buriram stabbed one of his friends in the neck after he bullied him and made fun of his poor family. The teenager, named A, lunged at the victim, stabbing him in the neck and back before another friend intervened. The mother of the victim, Tip, said the incident shocked her. She reported that her son had 20 stitches to the back of his neck and 11 stitches on the hip.

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