Norwegian man found hanged in Pattaya home

A 74 year old Norwegian man has been found dead in his Pattaya home’s toilet over the weekend. Police say they were horrified at the scene of the man’s death on Saturday evening. The man had cuts on his wrists, a slit throat, and he was hanging on a rope that was connected to the ceiling with a pool of blood beneath. The man’s home was in the Bang Lamung district ,east of Pattaya.

In front of the toilet there was a handwritten note on the wall in red reading… “Ben killed me. I will be one ghost in the house 100%” Another note was found by his body, also in red, saying the same thing found on the wall but with an additional sentence “Give this to Ben”.

A 43 caretaker said she had been trying to contact the man for several days but was unable to reach him, so decided to pay a visit. Nobody answered the door when she knocked, but when she entered the house she saw his lifeless body hanging in the toilet. She then contacted police who arrived around 11:30 at night. He had mentioned chronic diseases to the caretaker in the past, without being specific.

Police are treating the case as a suicide at this time. His body was taken to hospital for an autopsy.

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SOURCE: Bangkok Post| Pattaya News

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