Domestic violence: Northern Thai man shoots brother-in-law amid jealous rage

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A brutal violent act of jealousy unfolded in Nong Khai’s Tha Bo district today when a 28 year old man invaded his estranged wife’s home and shot her 56 year old brother, six times. The man, Palm, tracked his 40 year old wife, Bee (pseudonym), to the residence of her brother Wirat and shot him with a .22 calibre gun, after his wife announced her decision to end their relationship, signalling a serious case of domestic violence.

Bee disclosed that Palm had followed her to her brother’s house and immediately attacked her. When her brother intervened to protect her, Palm shot him several times, leaving a bullet lodged in his chest. Post the attack, Palm discarded his weapon and fled the scene on a motorcycle. Bee believes that Palm came to harm her, as he had previously threatened to kill her and her family if she ever decided to end their relationship.

Wirat’s daughter-in-law, Lao, revealed that before the incident, she and her father-in-law had been outside their house, drinking beer. Upon Palm’s arrival, he fired two rounds into the air before turning the gun on Bee. When Wirat attempted to intervene, Palm fired multiple bullets at him, resulting in a total of six shots being fired. After the incident, Palm discarded his weapon and fled the scene on a motorcycle.

Wirat was immediately rushed to the hospital with a .22 calibre bullet lodged in his chest, under his left rib. Doctors worked swiftly to save his life. Meanwhile, officers from the local Tha Bo police station have launched a manhunt for Palm, reported KhaoSod.

This horrific incident has sent shockwaves through the local community, raising concerns about domestic violence and gun violence. The authorities are working diligently to apprehend Palm and bring him to justice.

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